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Create your own Package - Tailormade Holidays in India

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Planning a tailormade holiday in India is easy. Personalised , customized and tailormade tours to India, are our forte. As a first step, please fill in a few details in the form below, to help us correctly understand your requirements, and to assist you in planning your tailormade tour.

E-Mail Address
Mailing Address (Optional)
Phone Number
Fax (Optional)
When would you like to travel ?
What is your proposed duration of stay?
Cities you would like to visit as a part of your tailormade holiday to India (Select all applicable cities)
Agra Aurangabad Bangalore Bharatpur
Bombay Calcutta Chandigarh Cochin
Corbett Darjeeling Gangtok Goa
Haridwar Jaipur Jaisalmer Jodhpur
Kalimpong Kanha Khajuraho Kulu & Manali
Madras Madurai Mussorie Mysore
Nainital New Delhi Ooty Periyar
Pondicherry Ranthambore Rishikesh Shimla
Tiruchirappalli Trivandrum Udaipur Varanasi
Number of adults travelling
Number of children travelling
Number of infants travelling
Category of hotels required
How would you prefer to travel within India?
(This is required since hotels as well as airline in India follow adual tariff system)
City in India you would like to start the tour from ?
Any special requests / preferences / comments, that you would like us to take into account while designing your tailormade holiday package
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