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Located just a short walk from the Mall  in Darjeeling, built in the colonial style, the New Elgin Hotel is a 120-year-old residence reminiscent of the days of the Raj. The hotel has period furniture and has retained relics from its colonial past.  The thirty luxury rooms of this mansion are seeped in nostalgia with stories to be heard from a bygone era of the elite to days of mellow sunshine at the park or cheerful evenings at the Timber Bar. With a glowing fireplace and hot water bags in your bed, you will find all the amenities of comfort coupled with the charming Victorian décor.

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It is “one of the three Jewels of the Raj”, said a celebrated travel writer of the Windamere Hotel. Established in the 19th century as a cozy boarding house for bachelor English and Scottish tea planters, it was converted into a hotel just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Windamere is famous for its unique ambience and charm, and has been the subject of many leading stories in the international media. It is one of the original Heritage Houses of the Himalayas. Rooms and Suites, are furnished in an Old Colonial fashion, and the Windermere still retains the old British traditions of afternoon tea, and early fixed menu dinners. The Windamere has for several years been the most preferred accommodation for tourists visiting Darjeeling

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