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Trans India Holidays Pvt. Ltd., specialised to organise Medical Treatment in India. We are pleased to offer our clients a quality medical treatment in leading medical hospitals and medical centres in India. Specialists of our company will undertake a full cycle of organizational issues related to treatment: consultations on choosing a medical institution for the profile and depending on the disease, the organization of spa treatment or in-patient treatment, the organization of flights and transfers to the place of treatment, visa support, translations of medical documentation, provision of interpreter services for the period of stay abroad, as well as information support during inpatient stay. Treatment in India, presupposes a wide range of medical services in various areas of medicine, ranging from diagnosis and disease prevention, to inpatient treatment in leading hospitals and medical centres as well as sanatorium treatment.


Medical Tourism in India

India is a fast growing sector in Medical Tourism. As per Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ), The Medical Tourism sector in India, was estimated to be worth US Dollars 03 billion. It is projected to grow to US Dollars 07–08 billion by 2020. India is now a global health destination, with medical tourism growing by 30 per cent each year. According to the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the primary reason that attracts medical value travel to India is cost-effectiveness, and treatment from accredited facilities at par with developed countries at much lower cost. As per the market report -2015, India was one of the lowest cost and highest quality of all medical tourism destinations, it offers wide variety of procedures at about one-tenth the cost of similar procedures in the United States. Foreign patients travelling to India to seek medical treatment in 2012, 2013 and 2014 numbered 171,021, 236,898, and 184,298 respectively. According to a Confederation of Indian Industries ( CII ) - Grant report released in October 2015, Patients from Bangladesh and Afghanistan accounted for 34% of foreign patients. Russia and the Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS ) accounted for 30% share of foreign medical tourist arrivals. Other major sources of patients include Africa and the Middle East. In 2015, India became the top destination for Russians seeking medical treatment.

Medical Visa
A Medical Visa is issued by the Government of India to every medical tourist. You can get a Medical Visa, if you would like to seek medical treatment only in recognized specialized hospitals / treatment center in India. Up to two attendants, who are relatives or friends, are allowed to accompany the patient, under separate Medical Attendant Visa.

Validity of visa and the extension of visa
The initial duration of the visa is valid up to a year or the period of the treatment, which ever is less. This visa can be extended further for a year by the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or the State Government if the patient shows the medical certificate or if the same is advised by recognized/reputed/specialized medical institutions of India. If extension is required after this also the Ministry of Affairs has the power to do this on recommendation of Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or the State Government, assisted by correct medical papers. The same procedure will be applicable for the attendant who is travelling under Medical Attendant Visa with the patient.

Procedures and conditions for applying Medical Visa for India

The following procedures and the conditions for which one can apply for a medical visa to India:

  1. The Indian Posts/Mission can examine the medical papers in a careful manner to feel satisfied to look for the genuine reasons for which the medical treatment visa is being applied.
  2. The Mission may also be satisfied that the applicant (patient) has sought initial medical assistance in the country of his residence or country of origin and has been asked to seek special medical treatment. If any foreign national is interested in treatment through Indian system of Medicines, that is also possible.
  3. This kind of visa must be granted for getting medical assistance only at reputed/specialized/recognized hospitals in India. Though the following list is not complete but these can be some of the diseases such as ophthalmic disorders, renal disorders, neuro -surgery, joint replacement, plastic surgery, organ transplant and so on. The main idea is that the mission must be satisfied that the foreign national is in a serious need of medical treatment in India.
Medical Guidelines:

Following are some important medical guidelines to be kept in mind by every visitor in order to avoid any kind of problem in medical treatment or process:
  1. First of all, you must make sure that the hospital in India that you are visiting is licensed or not. It has recognition from a Joint Commission International, a commission or any international healthcare auditing agency. The quality and the cost of the patient care are two other important considerations.
  2. Then, try to gather all the important details about the doctors at the hospital before you select them. Look up for their qualifications, credential, and achievements. Internet makes things easier.
  3. Another important thing is that the patient should be well aware about the treatment and procedure that you are seeking, so that your expectations from the surgery are realistic. You must also have knowledge about physical therapy, period of recovery, and post-surgery care.
  4. Do not forget to meet your doctor before the procedures start. Before anything, thorough personal examination and tests of the patients are done by most of the hospitals, before performing any medical process. There is also a possibility that the doctor might not consider you fit for the treatment and might also suggest another treatment after the diagnosis.
  5. Make a file or a folder of all the necessary documents along with their photocopy. Keep the originals at a safe place.
  6. Make another file of all the medical reports, and health records such as health history, X-Rays, photograph, scans, MRI's immunization records, etc., that are related to the medical process.
  7. Make sure you have your Visa and Passport, along with other things like travelers' check, credit cards, debit cards, and yes, some local currency too.
  8. Carrying your driver's license, which is valid till the time of your travel is also necessary.

Medical Insurance

India is the most preferred medical tourism destination in the world. The increasing cost of medical insurance every year is meant especially for those people who pay for Individual Health Insurance Policies. The cost of many medical procedures in India is substantially lower as compared to other western countries. The medical cost of the insured patient is covered by the medical insurance in India in the case of accidents and sudden sickness. A number of benefits are there for individuals and employers to begin using medical tourism in India for several medical procedures.

The Legal Aspects

It is essential to be aware of all the insurance facilities and legal aspects of the medical treatments. Medical tourists should ensure that the insurance provider is covering that hospital where they are being treated in their insurance policy.

Types of Medical Insurance:
  1. Overseas medical insurance
  2. Group medical insurance
  3. Individual medical insurance
Documents Required for Medical Insurance Claim in India
  1. Hospital/doctor report
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Salary slip
  4. Proof of address
  5. Memo of expenses incurred
Health Tourism through Ayurveda

Ayurveda in India is a popular therapy which is over 5000 years old. The popularity of Ayurveda through health tourism is increasing day by day. India has now become the most popular destination for many Ayurveda resorts where tourists from all over the world come for Rejuvenation and Relaxation. Serious health problems are treated in these Ayurvedic centers and hospitals. The Ayurveda therapy depends on the belief that both body and mind have to be treated to live a healthy and happy life. Emphasis on the mind is unique to Ayurveda and is appreciated by many people across the globe. Ayurveda believes that vegetal, animal and mineral materials present on Earth are endowed with medicinal quality.

Health tourism also involves Yoga, Meditation and Spa therapies. Wellness Holidays in India also provides traditional medical Spa therapies. The many Luxury Spas in India offer world class spa treatment as well as other alternative medication like yoga and meditation. Special Ayurveda Packages are also offered in India for those who are seeking health maintenance along with surgical medical procedures.

We have a very good contact with few reputed hospitals in Delhi/National Capital Region (NCR):

Medanta – The Medicity Medanta – The Medicity - is one of the India's largest multi-super specialty institutes located in Gurgaon, a bustling town in the National Capital Region. It was founded by eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan. The institution has been envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of medical care along with clinical research, education and training. The institute includes a research center, medical and nursing school. It has 1250 beds and over 350 critical care beds with 37 operation theatres catering to over 20 specialties.

Kerala Backwater Cruises Artemis Hospital, established in 2007. It is a multi-specialty hospital healthcare venture launched by the promoters of the Apollo Tyres Group. It has 380 beds. Artemis Hospital is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) in 2013. It is the first hospital in Haryana to get NABH accreditation within 3 years of start up. Designed as one of the most advanced in India, Artemis provides an in-depth expertise in the sphere of advanced medical & surgical interventions, comprehensive mix of inpatient and outpatient services. Artemis aims to provide excellent medical care in a compassionate environment and a practice dedicated to pioneering research, empowering the health care professionals and the diverse communities we serve.

Kerala Backwater Cruises Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals was established by Dr. Prathap C Reddy in 1983. Apollo Hospital is a multi-specialty tertiary acute care hospital with 710 beds and one of the most sought after destinations in Asia for healthcare. It also did successfully catalyze the private healthcare revolution in the country. Apollo today has made every aspect of their lofty mission a reality. Along the way the journey has touched and enriched 42 million lives that came from 120 countries. Over the past three decades Apollo Hospitals' transformative journey has forged a legacy of excellence in Indian healthcare. Its presence encompasses over 10,000 beds across 64 hospitals, more than 2200 pharmacies, over 100 primary care & diagnostic clinics, 115 telemedicine units across 9 countries, health insurance services, global projects consultancy, 15 academic institutions and a Research Foundation with a focus on global clinical trials, epidemiological studies, stem-cell and genetic research.

The following Medical Facilities are available at the above hospitals :

S.N. Procedure Stay in hospital
A Adult Cardiac Procedure & Surgeries
1 Coronary Angiography 1 Day
2 Coronary Angioplasty with one stent (package) 3 Days(1 day ICU+2 days room)
Coronary Angioplasty with two stent (package) 3 Days(1 day ICU+2 days room)
3 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
4 CABG High Risk CABG High Risk 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
5 Redo CABG(package) 9 Days(3days ICU+6days room)
6 Single Valve replacement (MVR/AVR) 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
7 Double Valve Replacement 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
8 CABG+ Valve repalacement 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
9 Bentall Surgery 9 Days(3days ICU+6days room)
10 Triple Valve Replacement 8 Days(2days ICU+6days room)
B Paediatric Cardiac Procedure & Surgeries
1 Cardiac Cath 1 Day
2 Device Closure of ASD(Procedure) 3 Days(1 day ICU+2 days room)
3 Device Closure of PDA (Procedure) 3 Days(1 day ICU+2 days room)
4 Device Closure of VSD(Procedure) 3 Days(1 day ICU+2 days room)
5 TOF-DORV Repair PAED 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
6 ASD/VSD Closure(Surgery) 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
7 BT SHUNT with Bypass 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
8 BD Glenn On Bypass 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
9 Fontan Procedure 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
10 Arterial Switch 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
11 Redo Open Heart Surgery 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
12 Bentall Surgery 12 Days(4days ICU+8days room)
C Electrophysiology Study
1 EPS Study 1 Day
2 EPS+ RFA 1 Day
3 3 D Carto Ablation 3 -4 days
4 ICD Implantation 3 -4 days
Device cost
5 Pacemaker Dual Chamber 3 -4 days
Device cost
D Bone Marrow Transplant
Autologous-Myeloma 28 days
Autologous-lymphoma 28 days
Allogenic 28 days
E Cyber Knief Surgery 1 day
F Total Knee Replacement
Unilateral TKR(Surgery) 6-7 Days
Bilateral TKR(Surgery) 7-8 days
G Total Hip Replacement
Unilateral THR(Surgery) 6-7 Days
Bilateral THR(Surgery) 7-8 days
H Cochlear Implant 3-4 days
I Liver transplantation 17 Days
J Kidney transplantation 10 days
K ERCP 1 day

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