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Located almost midway between Delhi and Jaipur, Neemrana dates back to 1464 when it was built as a fortified palace. It was inhabited more or less continuously until independence in 1947 when royal privileges were first curtailed and then abolished. Maharaja Rajendra Singh moved out, the people of Neemrana moved in and over the next 30 years the palace was slowly ransacked. Finally Aman Nath and Francis Wacziarg took on what was then a splendid ruin and transformed it into an exclusive retreat. Its exclusivity is maintained by not allowing day-trippers, so that only genuine visitors share its tranquility.

Neemrana Fort Palace, in addition to being the closest Heritage hotel to Delhi, is the oldest and one of the finest among India’s heritage hotels. All rooms and suites are decorated in individual style with period furniture, private open terraces and courtyards. One of the nicest aspects of Neemrana is its dining. The cuisine is Indian (specially Rajasthani) and Continental (specially French), and every meal is different. The hotel also offers a swimming pool, an Ayurveda spa, it is also possible to take camel rides to the nearby villages.

Neemrana Fort Palace        Neemrana Fort Palace

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