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Located just 40 kms from Jodhpur, is Rohetgarh, a fortified desert home of the descendants of the Rathores. Situated on the banks of a lake and set in the midst of rural surroundings, it is a haven of peace and tranquility. Sprawling lawns and manicured gardens, which invite a multitude of birds and dancing peacocks, herald your entry into this oasis where the bird song is the only sound you will hear. A superb swimming pool with four charming pavilions entices you for a refreshing dip. Often dinner is served by the poolside as folk musicians enliven the evening atmosphere. An elegant, beautifully appointed lounge, serene verandahs, and terraces with breathtaking views, make perfect venues for relaxation. The thirty-four individually decorated rooms add a touch of class.

Activities at Rohetgarh, include 'The Village Safari', which showcases the best of the land, and is a complete cultural experience, which encompasses all that this region has to offer. From the warm and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies and the abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into people's homes and interacting with them. There is a range of other activities- from an extensive equestrian program to culinary workshops, all designed to give guests an unforgettable experience of the area.

Rohet Garh        Rohet Garh

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