Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Manas Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the State of Assam in North-East India, a biodiversity hotspot. Settled in the beauty of the Eastern Himalayas, nurtured by the Manas river and is bounded to the north by the forests of Bhutan. The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary has a core Tiger Reserve and lies alongside the shifting river channels of the Manas River. The site’s scenic beauty includes a range of forested hills, alluvial grasslands, and tropical evergreen forests. The site provides critical and viable habitats for rare and endangered species, including tiger, greater one-horned rhino, swamp deer, pygmy hog and Bengal florican. Manas has exceptional importance within the Indian sub-continent’s protected areas, as one of the most significant remaining natural areas in the region, where sizeable populations of a large number of threatened species continue to survive

How to reach

The national park is located in the eastern reaches of Assam, a north-eastern state of India.

Nearest airport: Guwahati Airport at a distance of 146 kms has flight connectivity with cities all over India.

Nearest railway station: Barpeta Road Railway Station is 46 kms away while Guwahati Railway Station is approximately 146kms away.