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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Hope everyone is keeping well and safe. While the pandemic continues to wreak havoc for the Tourism Industry, and all of us sit with bated breaths, there are a few positive signals emerging.

On the India front, almost 70% of Domestic flights have resumed operations, most of our monuments 

have opened , a number of Hotels and Resorts have reopened , and as of yesterday, the Indian Government has announced some relaxations in the Visa regime. While Tourist Visas (E-Visas) are still not being issued, Indian Consulates and Missions abroad have begun issuing business and few other categories of Visas effective today, so that should hopefully open the borders somewhat.

Other destinations that we promote i.e Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are also talking of reopening their borders (ofcourse with a few restrictions) by the end of the year, or at the latest during early 2021, so we are hopeful that there will be some revival of inbound to our part of the world.

We at Trans India Holidays have ofcourse been working on improving our systems with a view of ensuring that our team is able to provide clients with faster and more accurate itineraries and quotations , and provide travelers with safe and sanitized travel experiences .

In case you missed seeing this short video on our “new normal” travel experience, have a look at

Another major thing we have achieved in the last few days , is the addition of the Maldives to our product portfolio. An immensely beautiful and attractive destination , the Maldives has been added , mainly on the request of several of our overseas partners. With the growing popularity of Sri Lanka as a cultural destination, and very good flight connectivity between Sri Lanka and the Maldives , and now also between India and the Maldives , adding this destination to our product portfolio was a no brainer. Just before Covid 19 changed the world for all of us, a couple of senior members from our team travelled to the Maldives (we called it a work trip !), gained first hand knowledge and experience , and now we have hand picked a range of 4 and 5 star resorts that we have contracted with , and those that we are now ready to offer our clients. Maldives is actually one of the first Asian destinations to have opened for tourism , and all that is required to travel to the Maldives is a Covid negative test report taken within 96 hours of arrival. So, remember, that if your clients want to travel to India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or the Maldives, all you need to do is to email us for a quote.

In the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe.

Kapil Goswamy
Managing Director

Trans India Holidays

18, Community Center, Zamrudpur,
New Delhi – 110048 (India)

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