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Top 7  Reasons a Maldives is the ultimate stress-buster


Maldives is well known for its crystalline waters with beautiful shades of blue, swaying palm trees, and sparkling white sand under the limitless blue skies. With good weather throughout most of the year, Maldives makes a great choice for an idyllic beach getaway. It is the ultimate dream of luxury and tranquility.

Here, we share with you eight reasons why Maldives should be on your travel bucket list.

1. Most Romantic Place on Earth
A visit to the Maldives is a dream come true. Each resort is a private enclave perched on an individual island, providing its occupants with exclusive tranquility. This is a great place to relax and spend quality time with your other half or family. Imagine waking up on the private island, surrounded by swaying palm trees, azure blue sea and pristine soft white sand every day. Maldives is where you create magical memories with your loved ones.

2. Amazing Marine Life
No trip to Maldives would be complete without a dip in the waters teeming with rich marine life. Maldives is world-famous for its amazing myriad of marine life, and is considered to be one of the best snorkeling/ diving locations in the world. Resorts with private house reefs are exceptionally attractive because you get to snorkel at any time of the day. Swim freely in the Indian Ocean among the colourful arrays of corals, sea turtles, reef sharks, stingrays, and a multitude of other underwater species! It’s almost like swimming in a giant aquarium.

3. Unrivalled Luxury and Pampering
If there were one luxury destination in Asia that comes to mind, it has to be Maldives. Over here, you will be treated like royalty. From the moment you arrive at the Male Airport, resort representatives will be there to escort you to your luxury speedboat or seaplane. This is where your fuss-free vacation begins. From the unparalleled top-notch personalized service to the romantic Dhoni cruises to dining on a private sandbank, you will enjoy unrivalled luxury and pampering.

4. Living on the Ocean
Overwater villas are all over the world but you should not miss out on the ones in Maldives. Everyone should experience staying in these villas at least once in their lives. Waking up to the paranomic view of the vast turquoise sea with only the sound of the waves lapping against your resort and gentle sea breeze blowing against your face, while watching the resplendent egg yolk sunrise, is the ultimate Maldivian experience. What’s more, the colourful corals and rich marine life are right at your doorstep.

5. Beautiful Scenery in Paradise
Well known for its picturesque beaches with sparkling soft white sand, beautiful azure sea, and impossibly clear skies, the term “tropical paradise” for Maldives is almost an understatement. Basking on your sundeck while enjoying the heart-stopping views of the Indian Ocean is like a dream. Every single angle seems to be the perfect vantage point for taking picture-perfect postcard-worthy photos.

6. A Paradise’s Race Against Time
You don’t want to miss out on this paradise, do you? Maldives is the world’s lowest lying nation, at just 1.3 metres above sea level. If the sea level rises by just another metre, the island nation would become uninhabitable. With global sea levels rising rapidly due to unpredictable climate changes, Maldives may disappear from the world in the near future. Start saving, start planning and visit Maldives before it’s gone forever.

7. The Ultimate Privacy and Seclusion
A trip to the Maldives is an ultimate vacation where you get to enjoy a combination of nature, luxury and privacy. Sandbank dining is definitely one of the most serene and romantic experiences in Maldives. Enjoy the sandbank in private with your special other half on the stark white sand while being surrounded by the endless Indian Ocean. Savour your meal as you witness the first rays of morning light on the horizon.

An unforgettable travel experience, Maldives on your travel bucket list because life is too short to miss out on this paradise! Maldives is truly one of the best vacation destination in the world and you will have unforgettable memories here.

Journey on the World's Leading Luxury Train Maharajas’ Express


India is a country of many wonders. Even train journeys are special. Imagine red carpet welcome, delicious foods, super comfy mattresses, excellent hospitality, wines from all over the world, decent WI-FI connection, a television, one private butler and excursions to the most famous destinations in India, to 24 hours of endless scenes through mega-sized windows.

The award-winning Maharajas Express is among the best of luxury trains in world. The Indian luxury train is the most luxurious as well as exclusive, setting the new standard of luxury that puts is on the list of the best. Honored at the World Travel Awards with Maharaja Express every year, the best luxury train in India is one of the must-try experience.

Maharajas' Express

Four Luxurious Cabin Choices

There are Deluxe Cabins, Junior Suites, Suites, and one Presidential Suite that takes one entire compartment. A Deluxe Cabin would do however most of them prefer tables and chair for their comfort during the day, they could try the Junior Suite. There is a sitting room, bedroom, and a bathroom. You’ll have a ton of room in a Junior Suite and Suite cabin yet these are of no match for a presidential suite which has multiple cabins and occupies a whole compartment.

Four Different Routes; Four Different Experiences

The “Heritage of India” gives a glimpse of the culture and heritage of India, starting from Mumbai touring through Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and Agra to Delhi.

The most loved “Indian Panorama” journey starts from Delhi touring through Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Orchha, Khajuraho, and Varanasi to Delhi.

The “Indian Splendour” Journey starts from Delhi touring through Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, and Udaipur to Mumbai.

The “Treasures of India” journey is a quicker one (3 nights/4 days) covering Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, and Jaipur unlike the other three which tours for a week.

A Royal and Personalized Food Feast

The best thing about eating in the Maharaja Express journey is options. You have plenty of food items to try inside the Maharaja Express and also on the outside in some palatial buildings. There are two dining cars called the Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal serving Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, and Jain foods too. You name it, the master chef has got it all from Lactose-Free Meal, Ovo Lacto Veg Meal, Vegan Meal, Kosher Meal, and Gluten-Free Meal apart from the usual Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Meals.

Red Carpet Welcome with Fresh Flowers and Gifts

The amount of hospitality showered in the form of fresh flower garlands and memorable gifts at every halt will make a traveller feel like they are the most celebrated person in the surroundings. Out of love, the royal service of the staffs paves a red carpet welcome to The Maharaja Express tourists. From the time you get into this luxurious express to the moment you bid farewell to the golden memories, you’ll be surrounded by hospitality and happiness.

Excursions Inclusive of The Maharaja Express


The Maharaja Express gifts its guests the sense of royalty in everything, even it is far away from the train. A luxurious AC coach will come to pick you up at the railway station to take you on day tours. You can dine at 5-star hotels, learn history in ancient forts of Jaipur, go on a Tiger Safari at Ranthambore, and click beautiful photos with your beloved one in Taj Mahal. You can learn the process of silk weaving and enjoy a splendid sunset in the Ghats of Varanasi while praying near the holy Ganges River.

Touring at Day; Travelling at Night

The time you spend on the train will mostly be during the night. You will have a restful sleep after rewinding the memories of your day tour with your loved one and your family. After delightful dining inside palaces turned luxurious hotels of India, you have a great comfy to hop in and doze off. The wifi connection is far more decent with the same password in every cabin and lounge. The key to enjoying the Maharaja Experience is to wake up early and experience the pastoral lands of India. After all, you have a great grand window displaying the most realistic sceneries and lifestyle of India.

Experience the erstwhile royalty of Indian Maharaja and Maharani travelling with The Maharaja Express

Tiger Safari in India at the Ranthambore National Park


A legendary reputation for tigers precedes India. The gorgeous country with its lush forests, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries invest in a safari experience like no other. Tiger safari in India offers a wildlife experience that by far is some of the best in the world. A billion-year-old forest, a thousand-year-old hill fort and the allure of tigers in the wild, to start with jungle safari in India, Ranthambore National Park is a thrilling option. Formerly the hunting grounds of royalty, the national park is a popular wildlife reserve that is sanctaury to wildlife. The popular tiger reserve in Rajasthan lies a short distance from Jaipur and is easily well-connected. Also it is a wonderful extension to a Golden Triangle Tour. Besides the exciting safaris, Ranthambore is well-known for stay at the luxury wildlife resorts. Ranthambore was a number of them.

Jeep Safari in Ranthambore

Why Choose Ranthambore for Tiger Safari in India?

For a start, Ranthambore is one of the largest national parks in Northern India and is widely considered to be one of the best places to see tigers. It’s accessible from Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai making it an easier spot to get to than some other wildlife destinations in the country, and the tourist infrastructure is therefore pretty well established with plenty of hotels etc to choose from.

It’s not just tigers either, you’ll get to see beautiful jungle landscapes as well as having the opportunity to spot all kinds of other wildlife – from bears and leopards to monkeys and wild boars to name just a few of the species that live in the park.

Ranthambore National Park is best known for its high tiger population. The visitors to the park can easily see the tigers roaming freely or playing with their cubs and click wonderful pictures with their camera. Apart from the tigers, the national park has its share of panthers too. Kachida Valley is believed to be the place to sight these rather elusive cats. One can also find Marsh Crocodiles, Hyenas, Jungle Cats and Sloth Bears, Chital, Nilgai, and Chinkara.

The Ranthambore National Park also houses a large avian population comprising of Black Storks, Quails, Bonelli's Eagles, Spur Fowls, Crested Serpent Eagles and Painted Storks. During the winter months, the park attracts a lot of migratory birds, including a variety of ducks. The park is a heaven for the wildlife photography lovers as they can get a wonderful opportunity to capture the enchanting beauty of the nature and amazing wildlife.

Wildlife Safari in Ranthambore

Tourists have an option to enjoy a jeep or canter safari to explore the park. Tiger safari is conducted in a 6 seater jeep and 20 seater open top canters. A very important point to be considered here is that the Jeep Safari in Ranthambore must be pre booked well in advance, since the park authorities limit the number of jeeps entering the Park. Another prominent thing to remember here is that the safari timings may change according to the season. For instance, during winter season, the entry and exit timings tend to vary primarily because of the short daylight hours.

Best Time to Visit

The Park remains open from 1st October to 30th of June every year. The best time to visit Ranthambore would be from November to March as far as the weather is concerned.

How to Reach

By Air: Jaipur is the closest airport to the Ranthambore National Park, which is around 180 kms away from Jaipur city.

By Train: Sawai Madhopur is the nearest railway station connected to all the major regions of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, etc.

By Road: The park is just 11 kms away from Sawai Madhopur and one can hire private cabs or take state transport buses to reach Ranthambore conveniently.

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  • Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore and the Golden Triangle
  • Wild Wonders of The North India and The Taj Mahal
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Goa: India’s Own Tropical Paradise


India’s most popular beach destination, Goa earns its spot on the  Popular Destinations of the World at the Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Award 2020. India’s tropical paradise gets the 11th rank on the elite list. Goa is synonymous with its wonderful beaches, therefore undoubtedly it is India’s favourite beach getaway. Set along the cerulean spread of the Arabian Sea, Goa is the land of sun, sand and sea. The tropical haven is the most-preferred holiday destination in the country. Be it a family vacation, romantic honeymoon, fun-time with friends or any kind of vacation, Goa tours suit all!

Goa's colonial heritage

Under the rule of the Portuguese till 1961, Goa still retains its colonial past. The Indo-Portuguese character of the culture of Goa is very visible amongst its architecture as well as its people. Churches in Goa are elegant specimens of architecture that has been named among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. On a walk through Old Goa, come across the beautiful churches. Also, a part of the glorious past are the forts of Goa. These defensive structures now serve at beautiful lookouts that still retain the charms of the olden days.

The major tourist attractions of Goa are its sparkling blue of the waters and the sky in contrast of the golden sands, green paddy fields, swaying coconut trees and not to forget the lively spirit of the people. Goans make you feel at home, every moment spent here is nothing like you have experienced before. In the smallest state of India, there are quite a number of big surprises. Cruises that you cherish forever, casinos to try your luck, nightlife that keeps you up till the early hours of the day, food that combines the delicious flavours of the sea and the very different culinary style are some highlights of your holiday in Goa.

Beach in Goa

Beyond the stretch of the golden coastline that comprise of more than 50 beaches, Goa has much to offer. Watersports add to the pleasure of your dream beach holiday. The lush Western Ghats are close by, where there is much to explore. There are scenic waterfalls, especially the Dudhsagar Falls that is unmissable. The wildlife sanctuaries are blessed with rare flora and fauna, it is also a rare bird watcher’s heaven. If the unexplored backwaters, beautiful villages and best of all history that is fascinating. So, be it relaxation, sightseeing, adventure or whatever your heart desires, Goa has it all.

Lush greenery

The allure of Goa is that it remains quite different from the rest of India. While it is small enough to be explored in a way that other Indian states are not, it still has so much to provide you a wonderful vacation. Undoubtedly, Goa's tourism byline of "Goa - 365 days on Holiday" is absolutely true.