Maldives Travel Guide

Maldives is a tropical paradise nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The island archipelago is a blessed with sun-kissed beaches, cerulean waters, thrilling water-sports and memorable experiences of a lifetime. Before planning your dream Maldives vacation, go through out travel guide for information.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Maldives is a year-round destination with tropical sunshine all through the year. However, the best time to visit Maldives is fromSeptember to April when the island experiences dry weather with little or no rain showers. The months of May to August see heavy rainfall and can be avoided for travel plans.


People of all nationalities can avail a 30-day visa on arrival, free of cost, up to a maximum of 90 days. Tourists need to carry a valid passport valid for 6 months from the date of travel, a valid ticket for passage out of Maldives, proof of confirmation of reservation in a hotel or resort in Maldives and proof of funds covering the expenses incurred while in Maldives. The recommended amount is USD 150 per person per day.


Male International Airport is Maldives’ international connection. Flights are available from all over the world.

How to travel within Maldives

The island archipelago has only two options of travel- the seaplane and speed boats. The islands have roads to commute but to get to one island from the other it is either by plane or boat. While seaplanes are time-saving but quite heavy on the pocket while speed-boats are easy on the pocket.


A comprehensive Travel Insurance policy is always recommended for your trip. Insurance should include coverage for personal accident, medical expenses, baggage loss, cancellation, etc.


The currency in Maldives is known as the Maldivian rufiyaa (MVR).You are advised to carry a mix of local cash and USD. Credit cards can be used at almost all the hotels and in most shops and restaurants in major cities; however cash is accepted in more rural areas. Also, not all islands have access to ATMs so it best that you carry cash in USD and MVR.

Food & Water

Maldivian cuisine is a mouth-watering delight and one that must be relished. Breakfast is included each day on most of our tours and is usually a buffet with both Western and Indian dishes. Being a Muslim-populated country do not ask for pork or alcohol except at the private resorts that focus on tourist hospitality.

Drinking local tap water is NOT recommended. Bottled water must be consumed an in fact we recommend you use that for brushing as well. For drinks and alcohol, stick to the premises of the private resorts and other authorized areas.


Tipping is not a conventional practice in Maldives. It is not an obligation to tip like it is in many other countries. If you feel that the service provided was commendable and you should praise it, then you can provide a tip but you are not obliged to.

Unwritten rules

Maldives is an Islamic country, therefor some unwritten rules are the norm of the country.

In the month of Ramadan, in case if you are travelling, stick to your resort for food. The holy month is a celebration and in tourist places there will be no food-joints opened.

Also, even if you would like to dress up in bikini and sexy swimwear, do not attempt it in public beaches, go for the ones on your private resort.

Be respectful towards the local culture.

Mail & Communication

International direct dial is available from most hotels but it is rather expensive. Most resorts also offer internet and email services which are convenient.

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