Maharajas' Express

About The Train

The award-winning Maharajas Express is among the best of luxury trains in world. The Indian luxury train is the most luxurious as well as exclusive, setting the new standard of luxury that puts is on the list of the best.

Accommodation onboard has four cabin categories, in options of deluxe cabins, junior suites & suites and the best-in-class, the Presidential Suite. Indulge in royal pampering as the Presidential Suite recreates the life of the Maharajas. The elegant lodgings have with two rooms and bathrooms, which are perfect for families. The lavish suite also has a lounge area, a personal butler, dedicated private guide with multi-language skills and personal car for the daily tours.

Aboard the luxury train are two restaurant cars-Rang Mahal & Mayur Mahal, two bars, a shop, a gym and a spa.

Routes and itineraries

The Maharajas Express offers several itineraries each offering an experience of India like never before. Journeys include Pan-India, Golden Triangle Circuit, South India, etc. These are all of the routes: