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From: PRASAD, Shammi

Sent: Thursday, October 12, 2023 6:58 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: RE: Your tour arrangements in India

Hi Adnan,


We had such a wonderful holiday. Everything was organised so well South India is really beautiful…we enjoyed our holiday very much…great food and very friendly people. All the hotels were really good apart from the Daiwik Hotel in Rameshwaram. The food was excellent but the quality of their bathroom and toilet was below standard. Their room service was really poor and also their luggage service was very slow. Lila Palace in Chennai was the best hotel overlooking the sea view. We loved it so much and did not feel like coming back. All the tour guides were excellent. Our Travel Driver Anthony was so good and very helpful to take us around. He was very punctual….always on time for pick up and drop off. Please pass our big thanks to Anthony the Driver and also Anthony – your Business Development Manager A big thank you to you for organising this itinerary so well…..really perfectly done. We look forward to another holiday with you in the next few years and will also recommend to our other families and friends.


Kind regards
Shammi and Ravin

From: Stephanie Kuipers

Sent: Monday, June 19, 2023 7:12 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Re: Your Kerala Trip

Dear Sandhya, Satendra and Ashu,


We are all home now and settled back into our normal lives. We have had the most enjoyable and amazing and relaxing holiday in Kerala. I wish to Thankyou all from the bottom of my heart for the magnificent choices of accomodation, our drivers, especially Raj, who we got to know and had for the longest period of time, our supervisors Anthony and Vimal, your co-ordination of everything was like clock work, so professional and stress free for us! My girls first trip to India and they both loved every minute, I am sure they will both be back to go to all the wonderful places I went to in my previous trip. Emelia and her husband have a boutique hotel in Aus and I am sure she will be recommending Trans India to all her friends and guests. I am pondering about returning and doing the other side (Pondicherry etc.) I so look forward to another trip to beautiful India and her gracious people in the near future and hope you will help me choose another adventure.


With the most grateful thanks,

From: John Reeves

Sent: Monday, March 27, 2023 4:37 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Re: Reeves / Lyne India Trip March 2023

Hi Chetna,


We’re just enjoying our last full day in Kerala. Another amazing trip with all your arrangements working perfectly ! All the hotels and travel was great, and the ABN cruise was really special - seeing a new side to India. Thank you so much again and look forward to our next trip !


Warm Regards from us all.

From: Amanda ffiske

Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 1:55 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
CC: Susie Anglesey
Subject: THANK YOU

Dear Sandhya,


Susie and I want to thank you and your extensive team for organising a wonderful holiday in India.

Everything was so beautifully and efficiently planned and managed - we had no problems at all and everyone was extremely helpful and pro-active .

We filled in the feedback forms but wanted to say that all hotels were excellent - if we had one we didn't particularly like it was the one in Jaiselmer mainly because it was quite empty and really better for hot weather but that is not your fault! All the others we found to be perfect for our needs, often exceeding our expectations - and all well recommended by you. We particularly loved Udaipur, RawlaNarlai and Ajit Bhawan in Jodphur,

Sunil, our driver, was excellent - not only a safe and good driver, but knowledgeable, helpful and charming. We felt lucky to have him.

All the guides were also very knowledgeable and helpful - we found Sanghars in Varanassi to be the very best of them all and also Jawan in Jaipur and our start with Brahm and Sunny in Delhi and Jaiselmer also good.
However, all the guies helpful, timely, knowledgeable and if you would like more detailed feedback on each of them we would be happy to provide.

The guide for Fatepuhr Sikri was good but we felt wasn't really focused and on his phone a lot and then keen to get us into one shop at the end of the tour but we understand that guides here are for a short time and this is not a complaint, just feedback for you. Difficult to find someone for only 1.5 hours who is as excellent as those who spent 1 or 2 days with us.

We will be highly recommending TransIndia to other people and would definitely use you again if we are lucky enough to be able to return to India again.

Please let us know if there is any further feedback we can give you that will assist you in the future. We are big fans of yours Sandhya - thank you for all your patience and support and help to create such a perfect experience for us. Also thanks to those who tried to get my ecigarettes back and the lost scarf!

Hope all is well with you and thank you again.


Kind regards
Amanda and Susie

From: Sandhya Le Grand

Sent: Monday, February 3, 2020 12:19 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (Sandhya)
Subject: RE: India Trip

Hi Sandhya,


Thanks for your follow up email and here is my feedback.

Dear Sandhya,

Thanks for organising our hotel accommodation in Mumbai, Goa and India. All the Taj hotels were fantastic and your staff for the transfers were all on time and clearly identified themselves – so smooth sailing! They were all polite and helpful.

The only comment I’d make is that it’s probably unnecessary for them to feel they need to help us check in. Perhaps because all Taj hotels are easy to deal with. With most of them, we asked them to not bother.

Finally Sandhya, you were great along the whole organising part of the journey – so I’d like to thank you personally.



From: Bruno Kohler

Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2020 3:58 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Attn of Sandhya

Hello Sandhya


Please find attached the Tour Evaluation Form

We had a marvelous trip through Rajasthan, a lot of places we had seen before but also some new places like the Tiger reservation and Churu. It was excellently organized by you and everything ran smoothly (except our health problems we had twice, but were treated well by very good doctors and it did not disturb our trip too much).

We could manage to leave India on our scheduled flight , one of the last flight that left India for Switzerland. Now staying in our country like in a prison, all borders closed, Swiss Airlines almost closed down, 3 weekly flights to New York, all other destinations cancelled. Nobody let the Swiss people in anymore. Also the risk groups (me, older than 65) are ordered to stay in our apartments, only permitted to leave for doctors visits and buying food, but even that is going to stop and food will have to be organized by younger neighbours or friends. ‘Holidays in prison’ the new holiday-feeling in Switzerland, and elsewhere in Europe. Also our mother is locked-in in her retirement home, no visits permitted, so she gets chocolate by mail.

So far we postponed our intention to visit Bhutan and Darjeeling until 2022. I don’t think that corona problem will be over next season already,


Thank you again
Bruno & Elisabeth

From: Chin.Yeoh

Sent: Friday, December 27, 2019 8:32 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: RE: India Trip

Dear Sandhya,


As mentioned, I would like to provide feedback on the tour. Overall, the quality of all services was exceptionally high and I have no complaints whatsoever. All guides were excellent. I would like to single out our driver Mohinder Singh for specific praise – he drove very safely and was always patient and always provided the best level of service with a smile. I cannot commend TransIndia highly enough – we are thoroughly happy with our trip.



Best regards

From: Dennis Helm

Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 12:52 AM
To: Trans India Holidays - (RK)
Subject: Attention Sandhya - Trip Evaluation (Dennis Helm)

Hello Sandhya,


I am home again and settling in to my Toronto life!
I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure in India. Trans India Holidays did a great job. I felt looked after - and secure that someone was always available to assist if required. I would highly recommend Trans India.
Below are some of my thoughts and comments regarding the trip, that you may find helpful.

I was pleased to have an agency representative meet us in each location - and see us off to the next.
In many of the hotel restaurants, Donna was overlooked on a regular basis by the staff. The staff generally looked to me - the man - to make decisions and give direction. Staff should receive training that with western visitors, women should be treated as equal to the man that they may be travelling with.
Donna and I were travel mates - with separate rooms - therefore we always asked for separate food bills to be charged to our respective rooms. This request became an issue in almost all of the hotel restaurants. They either didn't understand the request, didn't know how to prepare separate bills - and in some instances just refused to have separate bills. In one case, the water wanted to know why we weren't sharing a room - totally inappropriate question.
We are given evaluation forms to complete at the very end of each segment - but there is very little time to complete the forms in the car as we are being driven to the airport etc ... and the local representative is basically standing over us waiting for the form. Perhaps the form could be given to the customer at the beginning of each segment so it can be filled out in a more leisurely and thoughtful manner - to be handed back at the end of the segment.

- The Hotel Taj Bengal was great. Our local guide was very good.

Bogdogra to Darjeeling:
- The Mayfair Hill Resort was great - good service - great location.
- I know that we specifically requested the Toy Train - but I would not recommend it.... The view is no better than from the car driving along the road, and there is an enormous amount of pollution created by the train engine. I was actually embarrassed to be a tourist on the train causing so much pollution.
- Our driver (Nugeun?) was an aggressive driver. After I expressed concern he did drive more carefully. However, he was reluctant to turn on the air conditioning. He preferred that we open the car windows. Early in the morning when it was cold, he would not turn on the heat - even though I asked...

- The city was quite fascinating - overwhelming. Our driver Anjit was good - though the car was not an Innova. It was a smaller Toyota - hard to get in and out. Water was not offered. Our guide Sarah Shukla was very knowledgeable and had the right personality - but twice he requested additional money - for sweets which he took home - and for a blessing that he gave while we were on the boat on the Ganges. He spoke quickly and it was very difficult to say no at the appropriate time. We addressed our concerns with him - it was resolved okay but it was very uncomfortable. We raised our concern with the Travel Bureau representative, Irfan, but he didn't seem too interested.

- We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Taj. Our guide Iftikhar was great.
- The Hotel ITC Mughal was okay. Our rooms were on the lower level - almost seemed like a basement. Staff on the front desk refused - three times - to exchange a 500R bill for smaller bills so I could tip housekeeping staff. The explanation varied between the hotel being short of small bills - to the local banking system being short of bills.
Immediately after being refused for the third time, I witnessed an Indian National request change - and he was given change without hesitation. It was very disappointing to be treated differently. I was left with the feeling that out of country tourists were not valued.
- I already shared with you our experience with our local representative - Pramod - and his request that he be paid 800R for suggesting the evening visit to see the Taj from across the river. We instead paid the driver - Sunil - the 800R. Again, this was a very unpleasant interaction.
- Our driver Sunil started with us here in Agra - and stayed with us until we were dropped at the airport in Udaipur for the flight to Amritsar. Sunil was an excellent driver - in the countryside he tried to keep us informed of what we were seeing - and he stopped at a Jain Temple - it was great.

- Great stay at the Lodge. Very pleased with the safaris and guide.

- Great hotel and staff.
- Our local guide - Pooja - was outstanding. She was very informative and friendly.

- Wonderful hotel and staff - very memorable place.
- We were met by a local representative - Sangram Singh - but there was no representative there to see us off when we departed for Udaipur.

- Wonderful place. The Hotel Fateh Garth was quite special. The setting was great - as well as the staff and food...

- Our local guide Lazia was great. She had a great personality - very friendly and helpful. Great hotel - Taj Swarna.

Train from Amritsar to Delhi:
- I know that we requested the train - but it was not a great idea.

- When we arrived - the train station was very busy and congested. There was no one there with a sign - with our names. I had to stand on a cement curb to see over the crowd - only then was I spotted by the local representative Atul. It was only with luck that Atul saw me and assumed that I was the right person. He should have been standing above the crowd with a sign with our names. He saw us off again at the end of our stay - but he seemed a bit bored with the whole thing.
- Hotel Lalit - big and busy - good location - but the service in the restaurants was quite poor - hard to get attention - plates left to accumulate on the table ... the food quality was okay but very expensive - not good value for the money.
Hope these comments are helpful.
Thanks again for organizing such a great trip.



From: David Pike

Sent: Saturday, February 9, 2019 2:10 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Tour Feedback

Dear Sandhya,


A brief note to thank Trans India Holidays for organising a memorable tour for us. Everything about it was outstanding.
The driver of our mini bus [regrettably I've forgotten his name] was absolutely brilliant throughout and we had total confidence in him. Our guides were fabulous too but special mention must go to MsBarti Singh who was simply outstanding.

A special thank you to you for all your hard work in organising the tour - this was much appreciated,
Trans India Holidays once again excelled. We would not use anyone else!!



Kind regards
David Pike

From: Tony Tauke

Sent: Friday, February 1, 2019 4:17 AM
To: Trans India Holidays - (RK)
CC: Cathy Tauke
Subject: Tour of India

Dear Sandhya: Namaskara!!!


We are back home after a wonderful trip to India. I want to thank you for "taking care of us" while we were there. All representatives were timely and responsive.
All our vehicles were great--roomy and air conditioned. All our drivers were good. We especially liked Sivan, our driver from Bengaluru to Kochi. He had a genuine interest in showing us things as we traveled. He spoke English which is very helpful because he could explain many things we saw as we drove through the cities and country side.
All our guides were excellent except the one in Agra who was not very informative and seemed to have another agenda than explaining the Taj Mahal and Red Fort to us.
All our hotels were excellent and exceeded our expectations except the Grand Palace in Agra and the Tea Bungalow in Kochi. Both were fine but not of the same quality of all the others.
The Paul was exceptional and the Kumarakom Resort treated us to the Presidential suite and we truly felt like royalty.
The food at all the places was good. I would say that the Tea Bungalow had a very limited menu but it was acceptable.
All services were excellent.
All Representatives were timely and helpful.
We were most pleased with our whole trip.
Some comments: We were not sure about tipping--the amount for a guide, driver, hotel staff, and when to give it.
We also think that our response to feed back should not have to be given to the guides in person.
We liked the guides who told us in advance that a place he would like us to do shopping was optional.
The Agra guide took us to one that we would have said we were not interested in going to if we knew it was a sales pitch.

Sandhya, I thank you for a wonderful reunion of India!!!!!



Shanti, tony & Cathy

Video Feedback 2018

From: Debora Eizips-Dreymann

Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2018 7:58 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Hello Sandhya,


My spouse and I had a wonderful visit in India, in huge part thanks to the kind and knowledgeable guides and above all thanks to our amazing driver Abdul who skillfully navigated the roads and was always patient and in good spirits.


I will gladly recommend your services to my friends visiting India.



From: Janena Bird

Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2018 1:20 PM
To: Sandhya
Subject: re India Nepal tour

Dear Sandhya


Thank you for the month long tour organisedfor November in India and Nepal


Everything went like clockwork and it was a stressless holiday.

The agents meet us at every airport ,hotel, and station and were attentive helpful and informative. I think it is important to mention those drivers guides and agents that impressed us with their attitude and service


The guide we had in Delhi was extremely knowledgable and helpful and gave us a great time.Please thank him from us . Ram Gopal Gautam was extremely helpful and attentive agent in Khajuraho.

An entusiasticknowledgable woman agent met us in Varanasi .( Sorry I cant remember her name )She could have given some much needed training to the young aloof woman agent who took us to the airport in Delhi to fly to Varanasi.

Dharma in Pokhara was a lovely efficient agent

The driver SurgetSingh we got from Agra was an exceptional driver getting us through the mayhem of traffic in Agra and Jaipur. .He was a lovely guy and so knowledgableRajef was also a very safe driver that we did a lot of miles with to Pushkar Jaipur and to Delhi in a very comfortable vehicle The other amazing driver we had in Nepal was Pradip Basnet ,who delivered us always very safely to our destination on some very challenging roads .He waited at the airport till our delayed plane finally left . such is the service of Trans India Holidays.

Our Hotels for the most part were good . We loved everything about the Colonels Retreat in the Defence Colony. The owners Arun and his wife were friendly and very helpful hosts .the food was home cooked and delicious served on the rooftop terrace. In contrast we did not enjoy the very tired run down Cheap Swiss tents at Betwa Resort Orchha..I know I had requested to stay at this place but you can now NOT recommend this place: service,food and accommodation are horrible We did spend time at the Amar Mahal Orchha which was just a delightful colonial style hotel with beautiful surroundings, friendly staff and good food. so that would be a much better option. The TaajaPha heritage home in Patan we would highly recommend.Spacious rooms with views, great helpful host and brilliant location .

All the guides were knowledgeable but there was only one young guy in Pushkar that failed at his job . He was not attentive nor knowledgable of local laws .He was rushing ahead most of the time .The Agent told us the father of the original guide we were to have had just passed away. however we loved the camel fair and our time in Pushkar .

Varanasi was a memorable stay and our guide was good.

Chitiwin we would probably not bother with in hindsight It was well organised but not that much wild life to see and 3 nights was too long to stay .We felt it was more like a nice retreat than an exciting safari.

Another night in Bandipur would have been wonderful … what a beautiful village and the amazing heritage hotel GaunGhar was special .I would highly recommend this place,food was delicious and the ambience of the place delightful

We also loved the day trek we did from Sarankot at sunrise and that was well organised by Agent Dharma and our guide Krishna Prasad Chhetri was very good..

Anyway Sandhya thankyou again for organising a very well run tour, with all your great team of operators…We appreciated the detail and the smoothness with which everything went for that month .

We had a great holiday and it all worked out perfectly in the end with the emergency cancellation at the last moment and getting my son and daughter to come along . We loved it all .


Warm regards

From: Rahman, Adam Abdur

Sent: Monday, November 12, 2018 8:53 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
CC: 'Amil Adam'
Subject: RE: India Holiday (30 Oct - 10 Nov)

Hi Ashu,


Just wanted to say thank you for oraginising our India holiday. We are back home with wonderful memories.


Rajeev, our driver, was amazing. He was obliging, helpful, patient and most of all a safe driver. We have thanked him for driving us on our adventure and we wish to put in a good word for him. Thanks also for the good guides who educated us along the way.


Next year my sister and her family are planning an India trip. I will link her to you separately.
Please assist her in her planning.

Thank you once again.



From: Carlos Gutierrez

Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 12:58 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Trip

Good afternoon Trans India Holidays,


On behalf of my brother and I, we would like to thank you for your excellent service and planning during our days in India. We had a very comfortable trip and have no complaints to make. All cities were visited as planned and tour guides, local representatives and drivers were very formal and easy going. Be sure we had a great time.

Also, let me know about the refund for the services not used the last days.


Once again thank you and look forward to visit India in the future.


Carlos Gutierrez.

From: Jenny Player

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 4:29 AM
To: Trans India Holidays - (RK)
Subject: Re: Your India Trip



Thank you for organising a wonderful trip for us to India.


All the hotels were good, and connections were seamless. I would definitely recommend your company to other travellers.


We all liked our Raghastan driver Jaichand Sharma very much, and found he was a safe driver. I would recommend him to others. He was sick the last day he was with us, so we didn’t complete the form, and in Dharamsala I broke my right arm, so couldn’t email you.


We also really liked the driver we had in Amritsar to Dharamsala, Matush


Jenny Player

From: Judith Bartosh

Sent: Friday, March 16, 2018 6:19 AM
To: Trans India Holidays - (RK)
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya.


I would like to say thankyou for organising our India trip.It went really well and we had a lovely time.


Some feedback.


Everything went very smoothly. We were meet at each stop by someone with all the correct details and transfers etc were good. The only small hiccup we had was in Delhi where your colleague was waiting inside the airport with a small sign that we missed. At other locations the agents were not allowed inside the airports and were thus outside. A call to the number you provided quickly remedied the situation.


All the guides we had were very good. The standouts were the gentlemen in Udaipur and Agra. I am sorry I didn't get the names but they were awesome.


Our driver, Sinneal (sorry I dont know the spelling) was good also. He understood english well and could communicate to some extent with us pointing out things along the way.


The hotels were generally very good.We particularly appreciated the upgrades at Agra and Goa, particularly the latter where we got a quieter room and relaxing space in the club area.


The hotel we would not stay in again was the Park in Delhi. The room was small and the design of the glass cage bathroom on the side was poor but the reason for not staying is the poor maintenance and service. There were loose wires coming out of the wall in two places in the bathroom, the floor and bathmath were stained, the bedside light was broken, the TV was difficult to work and the service in restaurant and at the front desk was very slow. Not to mention the deafening noise of the bar next door to the restaurant at 10pm on a Sunday night.


The Taj branded hotel in Aurangabad was also marginal. It was beautiful and the staff were really attentive and some of the furniture in the room looked new but the bathroom should have been replace 10 years ago. The sink would not empty and the floor boards were loose. definitely not 5 star.


Highlights for us were the caves outside Aurangabad, (A knowledgeable guide brought the history to life and it was amazing) Udaipur (the sunset cruise was spectacular) and the elephant ride in Jaipur. We were impressed by the level of service we got in most places


Once again thankyou. I will post of trip advisor and recommend your company.


From: Sue Symons

Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 12:51 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Hello!

Hi Sandhya,


Sorry it's taken a while to email you, but we got back to lots of snow and we were snowed in for several days, then our internet was not good, but at last we are back to normal!


It was lovely to meet you in Delhi, we had a really great holiday and we are very happy to do a review for yourself and TransIndia Holidays, if you send me a link I will do it this week for you. We have also recommended you to some of our friends who are thinking about visiting India, so hopefully you will get some custom from them.


I have attached a photo of my husband, grandson James and the snow near our house, I will send you a couple more in another email.


Thank you again for all you help with our holiday, and if you ever get to the UK please email us as we would love to meet up with you again.

Kind regards

From: Nigel Weeks

Sent: Friday, March 02, 2018 1:47 AM
To: Trans India Holidays
Cc: Lizzie Walker
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya,


Thank you so much for organising our recent holiday. We had a wonderful time and everything went very smoothly. We enjoyed all the places we visited and the weather was fantastic the whole time. We have some great photos.


All the guides, representatives and drivers were good. Especially so were the guide in Jaipur (I think his name was BP) and the driver who took us from Jaipur to Jodhpur and on to Udaipur (I believe his name was Surinder Singh). If it is possible we would like to pass on our thanks to them.

There were two hotels which we particularly liked. The Suryauday Haveli in Varanasi was excellent with a great location. Ratan Vilas in Jodhpur was also really nice and full of character.


We did arrive in Agra in time for a sunset visit to the Taj Mahal. That was well worth doing. Thanks for arranging it.


So thanks again for all your help. We definitely intend to return to India and would recommend TransIndia to all our family and friends,

Best wishes,
Nigel and Elizabeth

From: Debbie Reed

Sent: Saturday, February 17, 2018 5:22 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: India tour - Debbie and Simon Reed

Hi Sandhya,


just wanted to let you know that Simon and I have arrived safely back in the UK after a fantastic holiday in India. I will email you more detailed feedback in due course which hopefully you will find useful. Once again, thanks for all your help we had an amazing time.

Debbie Reed

From: Dave Bramley

Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 10:31 PM
To: 'Trans India Holidays - AS'
Subject: Our Trip to India 18th Jan until 5th February 2017

Dear Sandhya,


We are now back home with the memories of a wonderful tour of Rajasthan. I thought I would send you a more detailed account of our journey so that your company is able to give credit to the people who did such a good job.

First yourself. Thank you for putting together the itinerary and making sure that we were well looked after at all times. We were most impressed with the way your company refunded much of our deposit when we had to cancel our first plan. It gave us the confidence that we were dealing with a fair and professional organisation. Needless to say we will be recommending to anyone who would like to go to India to use Trans India. We saw so many of the main monuments of Rajasthan and feel that we know a lot about India and the Mughal period.


The most important person on the journey was Mr Ran Singh our driver. He is not only an extremely good driver he is also a very considerate and helpful person. He was always very smartly dressed and the vehicle looked like new every day. We travelled 2800 kilometres over many different types of road and traffic situations. You know only too well the hazards that exist on Indian roads, the crazy drivers, the numerous animals, the badly maintained vehicles etc. We did not once experience a frightening moment in town or on the motorways. Mr Ran Singh was always prompt in collecting us, he always dropped us close to the monument we were visiting and he was always there to collect us when we had finished the visit. He gave us a lot of information about the places we were visiting and supplemented the guides very well. We would have to say he was perfect and we thank you for allocating him to us. He is a very valuable member of your team and represents Trans India very well.

The Imperial Hotel was excellent – a very nice hotel in the middle of Delhi.

The Oberois in Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur were faultless. Their service, the quality of the hotels and the experiences were wonderful. The general manager in Jaipur was outstanding. He was always visible and always enquiring about how we were.


The Deogarh Mahal Hotel was not comparable with the previous 4 hotels. We realise it has difficulties being a Heritage Hotel but it is in need of some loving care. Certainly not bad but different. The fact it was in town also gave a problem with barking dogs which kept us awake all night. We were in room 260 which was right on the wall to the city. Perhaps some of the rooms more central would avoid this problem.


The Rohet Garh also an old Heritage Hotel was a wonderful experience. The Manager there was always about and often engaged us in conversation. The atmosphere at this hotel was magical the room and food outstanding.


Khimsar Fort was a really good quality modern Hotel and the Food was outstanding. The Hotel provided a Safari to a Bishnoi Village and to the Sam Dunes. We saw some antelopes and birds. The village visit was really good enhanced by a German lady and her Husband who brought balloons for the children and really engaged with the men doing the Opium Ceremony. We also witnessed a potter making pots and that was a very nice experience.


Hotel Suryagarh was another really nice hotel with good food.


Laxmi Niwas Palace this hotel needed a good clean. The management of this hotel was not good. The staff here were not as well trained as at previous hotels and you get the feeling that the management are the maharaja’s family and not good at running hotels. A week of the manager at Oberoi Jaipur and this hotel could be as good as the rest. We guess the staff are drawn from the surrounding villages and have not had the necessary training.


Castle Mandawa was the worst of the hotels we stayed in. Both the room and the food. I will send you a picture of the wall of the room we stayed in no 118. The wall was soaking wet, the plugs on the wet wall were not working. They powered a fridge, a television and a Heater none of which were working. About 30 mins before we left on the next day the plugs became live and the television started working. Not having a fridge, heater and television was not a problem for us but we did feel there was a safety issue and told the management they should do something about it.


Of course we were in the desert and there are very few luxury hotels in those parts so we understand the quality would not be as the first part of the journey. The points we make are for your information and are not really complaints. It was such an experience to witness this part of the country. I think if we did this journey knowing what we know now we may have left Jaisalmer out as there was a lot of driving to include it and the Fort, while interesting, was not a great highlight of the trip. The havelis were very interesting though. As were the crumbling havelis in Mandawa and Fatephur.


The guides were excellent, they were very interested in showing us a lot of detail and explaining it thoroughly. They were well chosen with just a couple of exceptions. The guide in Jaisalmer was somewhat more interested in taking us shopping than previous guides had been. We did say we would look at a linen shop in Jaisalmer as they are famous for linens but when we found nothing we wanted to buy we first had to be firm with the shop and walk out and then the guide showed us more bed linens on his phone from that shop. His guiding was OK but could have been much better. Then the guide in Mandawa took us around some Havelis each having someone inside trying to sell things. He spent most of his time looking at his phone and not telling us much.


In Jaisalmer we decided that we did not want to do the Evening trip to the Dunes with Camel ride so we cancelled that with the agent when we arrived in Jaisalmer the night before.


Also the planned visit to the Camel Research establishment on the way to was not possible as it was only open from 2.30pm and we had our 4 hour journey to Mandawa to follow the visit.


So in summary an excellent tour, we thank all of your staff and agents for making it such a wonderful and trouble free experience.


Very best wishes to all,

David and Denise Bramley

From: Anil Patel

Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2017 8:10 AM
To: Trans India Holidays(RK)
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Hello Sandhya,


I thought I would drop you a quick note, upon completion of our trip.

My family and friends have done well over 6 to 8 tours with you and your firm, I have to say this one was like others very well done and it gave us an amazing experience. You did an amazing job of coordinating the logistics! All is well, and I'm going to provide some key points below for your future reference and consideration.


  • The amazing part of the tour has to be the sights, and most importantly the quality of the Tour Guides and Drivers. The guides we had were great! They all were very accommodating and communicated very well.
  • The Taj, was the Taj……fantastic
  • Brij Rama Palace…….was rather weak in the quality of the food. They really need to step it up on speed and authentic food quality, for the price they charge. The quality was absolute very weak. There room quality was okay, not great. They seem to miss the finishing touch on cleanness in the rooms and bathrooms. They seem to me more a 3 to 4 star place
  • Leela, they were great. Very clean rooms and service. The one minor feedback is on food, it seemed a bit "procced", especially the Indian food.

One general comment, and common theme I heard from other guests around all hotels, which you may want to pass on as a general comment to hotels. They felt that that they were being taken advantage of due to where they came from. The hotels charge prices at rates that sometimes exceeds prices at similar services in Europe. This particularly applies to Hotel related services and food. I'm unsure you can actually do anything, but I thought I would share this if you get a chance to talk to hotel companies.


The trip was great! I'm already thinking about where to go next!

Thank You
Anil Patel

From: Francis De Sa

Sent: Monday, February 20, 2017 8:08 PM
To: Trans India Holidays
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Dear Miss Sandhya,


First and foremost I would like to thank you for all your help for organizing this lovely tour.

This is to let you know that we enjoyed the Golden Triangle Tour very much. Starting from the time we landed in Delhi we were met by the rep. who briefed us about our tour and the reps who met us at the hotels before each tour. The tour guides of each venue were very informative. We were happy with the car and the driver who was at our disposal. The hotels you selected were very good in cleanliness and the staff involved were very courteous.


I would highly recommend your organization to anyone who wants to make this tour.

Thanking you once again

Francis D'Sa

From: Patricia Collecchia

Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 11:36 AM
To: Trans India Holidays
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya,


Hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the wonderful trip that you organized for us in India. We are very pleased with the service we got from Trans India Holidays. We felt so well cared for, everybody was so nice, our driver was excellent. We came home with a lot of wonderful memories and pictures. Be assured that we will tell our friends and family how great your company is and there is no going to India without Trans India Holidays!


I wish you and the company all the best for the future. You truly deserve it.

Kind regards
Patricia Collecchia

From: James Ditchfield

Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2017 11:36 AM
To: Trans India Holidays
Subject: Re: 3 days trip

Hi Sandhya,


We have just been dropped off at Bangalore airport by your driver Santish. I just wanted to thank you for all your help in organising this trip for us.


My wife and I had a wonderful time, all the staff, tours and hotels were excellent. We could not fault the trip. I will leave a review on trip advisor when I get a chance and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone I know.


Once again thank you.

James and Alison Ditchfield

From: Jeff Thomas

Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2016 7:10 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Thank You!!!

Dear Sandhya,


We arrived home last evening and I could not let another minute go by without expressing how "over the moon" pleased we are with the special memories you and your team helped create for us. There are simply not enough superlatives to express the first class treatment we received from every person on your team. It started with your prompt responses. You listened to our needs and made booking so easy and comfortable. The hotels were terrific. The food, decor and service did not disappoint. Especially The Lalit in Khajuraho and the two ITC hotels at the end. ( Not sure if you knew, but they upgraded our rooms in Jaipur).


The pace of the trip was fast, but having the break in Khajuraho to chill was just what we needed to go back at the adventure to the end. We really saw so much in such a short period of time!


The pace of the trip was fast, but having the break in Khajuraho to chill was just what we needed to go back at the adventure to the end. We really saw so much in such a short period of time!


And the staff.....wow, wow, wow!! As a business owner, you're only as good as your worst employee. Well we for sure did not see any of your staff that were anything short of perfection. They were all very well groomed, personable, interesting, for the most part easy to understand, well informed and cared that we were enjoying our adventure. Two of the drivers without guides acted as if they were both! One even went off the schedule to show some abandoned temples where we meet a family of small girls we gave crayons to. That was a special moment on our journey. I might also add that as crazy as driving the streets of India can be, we always felt in good hands with the experienced, calm and collected drivers!


The precision of guidance and care far surpassed any guided tour we've ever taken. From the guide who knew the exact train car we would be exiting, to the guide who talked another entrance of the airport departure to taking us thru avoiding the long entrance lines. We cannot say enough good things about our experience with Trans India Holidays. We will tell our friends and are actually looking at planning a return with one of your Southern India adventures next year.


Please feel free to use this letter as a letter of recommendation should you wish. We could not be more pleased and cannot begin to thank you enough!

Gratefully Yours,
Jeff, Kent and Lucy

From: Melody Clark

Sent: Friday, October 21, 2016 12:59 PM
To: Trans India Holidays
Subject: Re: Golden Triangle and Shimla Tour

Good day Sandhya,


Thank you for setting up such wonderful service for me. My driver, Devraj was amazing. He really made everything wonderful and took very good care of me.


My tour guides were outstanding as well. It really was an amazing trip


Thank you for making it all work out so well

Kindest Regards

From: Julian Allan

Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 9:58 AM 
To: Trans India Holidays (RK)
Subject: Re: Holiday in India

Hello Sandhya,


I'm just about to fly back to Singapore and waned to thank you for arranging an amazing trip to India.


I found each guide was engaging, knew their subject well and communicated their knowledge with ease.


The trip worked perfectly in each leg.


Of particular note was my driver Binod who was outstanding. He made the driving between cities appear effortless and was never phased - very impressive and always eager to engage and assist.


One area (if you had the inclination) that may interest other tourists would be to add some optionality around food. For example include in a daily itinerary a safe and good local or family run restaurant that serves local specialities (noting that I did eat at the Grand Peacock in Jaipur).
I'm really into Indian food and that might be an 'option' that you could offer some Travellers (perhaps a good differentiator).


I will recommend your company to friends and family who travel to India and will also use your company again when I return next.

With Thanks and Regards

From: alainjromi@aol.com
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Cc: tmmiles410@aol.com

Sent: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 01:52:25 +0530
Subject: Re: Formalized Itinerary for india 012616_Results

Dear Sandhya and Trans India Holidays,


We are finally back and cleared from all that jet lag to say, "We had an adventure of a lifetime!" Thank you and to all your staff for making us feel like royalty.  The accommodations, guides, and organization was spot on.   We never felt neglected or unsafe.  There was always someone to greet us at every destination and to make our stay as comfortable as possible.  We will highly endorse your company to anyone who is interested in visiting India.  Tamara and I are so grateful to have found you.


It was a memorable birthday and one for the ages!

Alain J. Romi

From: Susan Budd
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 11:51 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (DS)
Subject: Re: Udaipur option

Dear Sandhya,


We are on the last leg of our Indian adventure tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful holiday which will be remembered for years to come. Driver ( Pradeep) , guides and accommodation all fabulous. 


Thank you very much. We will recommend Transindia to our Australian friends and will contact you for our next Indian trip. 


From: Mike Webb
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2015 2:20 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (RK)
Subject: RE: Royal Rajastan tour



I’m sorry I have taken so long to send this email but I was slightly ill and then very busy.


Our tour exceeded all our expectations in every way and my wife had quite high expectations. Each hotel seemed to be better than the last in one way or another so it’s hard to choose the best but it’s either Rohet Gar Fort or the Laxmi Palace  Bikaner. Rohet Gar were so complete in the attention to detail and customer care that it was a superb experience while Laxmi Palace just totally overwhelmed us with its opulence.


The least successful hotel was Shapura House which seemed to have too many rooms for its catering facilities and the location wasn’t particularly good. We do like to walk out and see an area but realistically there was nothing to see in that area. In hindsight we should have had the excellent Surjit our driver take us to the town in the evening.


While saying Rohet was the possibly the best hotel one aspect that was less successful was the camel safari to the Vishnoi village. Firstly it was undertaken by Jeep which was fine but the guide did not seem to have his heart in his job. He answered questions but just lacked the enthusiasm of all the other guides. I realise that this is beyond the control of Trans-India but it might be worth mentioning to the hotel.


All your own Reps and Guides were excellent, always helpful, always willing and able to answer questions and usually amusing. We certainly learnt a lot and I realise just how little I know of India. We both fell in love with India and Indians who all seem so welcoming.


The design of the tour was very clever as it kept us busy and then towards the end started feeding in some free time that we could use for our own purposes. I do like to stand on a street corner and watch the world go by. Where I had the time this was always possible and I suspect by your clever choice of destinations was always a pleasure as I was never subject to unwanted attention just friendly greetings and the lovely sing song Hello from the children. I suspect this is not down to chance but your experience in selecting the destinations.


The travelling was made a pleasure by the excellent driver Surjit who quite apart from being a very good driver who inspired confidence was amusing and informative. He was always there to help and to find things out. He educated us about India and made sure we got the most from our tour. Without him it would not have been the same wonderful experience it was. A lovely man.


So, in all we had the holiday of a lifetime – so far! As we fully intend to book another tour with you.


If you ever have UK customers who are hesitant to book with an Indian company feel able to put them in touch with me and I will reassure them that the whole process is painless. I was very impressed with the way the tour was planned via email. At all times I knew just what I had agreed and the cost. Then from the moment we left arrivals at Delhi Airport we were looked after 100%. It seems nothing is too much trouble for you.


Many thanks for an excellent tour.


From: Jack Bidesi 
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 2:45 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (RK)

Cc:'Kapil at Trans India Holidays'; 'Trans India Holidays (DS)'
Subject: Re: Tour Evaluation Ahmedbad - 08/10/2015 17/10/2015

Dear Rajesh,


Greetings and trust that all is well with you and the family.


After our Ahmedabad tour, we visited Mumbai, Penang and Singapore before returning home on the 2/11/2015.


Unlike my other reviews, I will keep this brief.


Quality of Car:  As expected,  clean, spacious and air conditioned.


Services of Driver : (Mr Devi Singh) Well dressed, softly spoken, cautious  and always on time.


Quality of Guide: (Mr Rajendra Singh) Polite, knowledgeable, punctual  and always willing to oblige. Our safety and wellbeing was his priority.


The Gateway : Accommodation/Food/Services – Excellent.


Goverdhan Gardens : Accommodation – Standard accommodation was provided (old wing).A Deluxe room (in the new wing) would have been better for and additional INR500. Food and services Good.


Lords Inn : Accommodation/Food/Services - Very Good.


Comments About Trans India Holidays : Being a customer for over two decades, I can say without any doubt  that your Organisation/staff  provide excellent Service to International Travellers.
This is the very reason I always keep coming back to you for our travels in India.


Sandhya, Thank you for your assistance in preparing a flawless itinerary.


Till the next time take care and God Bless you all.

Jack Bidesi

From: Alan Sllivan 
Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2015 10:41 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (RK)
Subject: Re: Experience India by Rail

Dear Sandhya,


We have just returned from our Indian adventure and would like to thank you personally for what was a fantastic holiday.


All your arrangements were absolutely spot on. we were always met exactly on time from all of our hotels/stations and airports despite a number of last minute changes made by us.


Your representatives were very friendly and your guides were the best we have ever had.


once again many thanks, and we would have no hesitation in recommending yourself and Trans India Holidays to all our family and friends that may wish to visit India for a holiday.

Best Regards
Alan Sullivan and Richard Rood

From: Bob Rachel 
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 12:59 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Feedback and Further Request

Dear Sandhya,


We visited India in early June of this year and although we were only there for a few days, we had an experience that we would like to share with you. It's quite lengthy and should you want to use it in any way, you are free to do so. Our times with you were from 30th May 'til 4th June.

Further, I briefly discussed with our driver - 'DC' - about the possibility of arranging through you a driver who is willing to take three of my teachers from Delhi airport to Dehradun and then pick them up for the return journey approximately a week later. Their safe transit and maximum use of time is essential during their short stay in India. Can you let me know if you can arrange this? Their approximate arrival dates are 24th October and departure 1st November. Please let me know asap.


Kind regards and many thanks, Bob and Rachel Merrell



We would like to put down our thoughts on the experience provided by Trans-India with the hope that it will be useful to others who use their service.


This event was to celebrate my 50th birthday and was for just the two of us. Both of us had visited India several times but this visit was to be different. Previously we had worked in a school; this time the aim was to see as much of India as possible in the shortest period of time. As a result, we opted for the Golden Triangle Tour using 4 Star Hotels over six days/five nights. If truth be known, we were both anxious as to what was offered to match our expectations and there was a fair amount of ‘crossed-fingers’ as we left Manchester to travel to Delhi despite the informative and quickly-responded to emails that we had exchanged previously – after all, actions speak louder than words!


On arrival at Delhi, we were immediately greeted by a representative of Trans-India, our bags carried for us and into a waiting air conditioned Toyota and taken to the Suryaa Hotel. Each booking has this 1:1 treatment which is bespoke and individualised.


The guides, drivers and representatives all spoke good English and communication was never a problem. The hotels all hugely exceeded our expectations and everything we expected was delivered. For the entire tour our driver was ‘DC’ who was knowledgeable and helpful. There were particular landmarks and stop-off points we wanted to visit above those on the itinerary and all our wishes were granted. We never queued for anything and there was plentiful chilled water in the car as we returned from seeing some truly amazing sights.


For lunchtimes and evening meals, sometimes we sought advice and sometimes ate in the hotels. All the food was good and we never had any problems. Every hotel we stayed at, the staff were courteous and welcoming and Trans-India provided useful advice on how to tip appropriately. I think they had thought of everything!


We travelled to India in June and this is apparently the ‘low-season’ in India for the Golden Triangle Tour. For us this meant that it was hot and dry but many of the sites we visited were quieter than they would have been. For us, perfect! At each site and city, we had our own guide and we were never part of any tour party. We went at our own pace and, as the guide got to know us and what we were interested in, focussed on these aspects for us. Their knowledge was hugely impressive.


The six days flew past and even the journeys between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur were full of colour, sights and amazing views. The car was really clean, safe and comfortable – certainly better than mine back in the UK! DC took a pride in his car as well as his job.


Before we left for India, we had high expectations and high hopes that we would receive a memorable holiday to celebrate a significant birthday. All our hopes depended on Trans-India being able to turn our aspirations into reality. They didn’t do that. They exceeded them hugely with a personalised service we have never experienced in the UK, hotels that were sumptuous and the ability to ‘tweak’ what they had originally promised to even more closely match what we wanted once we had arrived in India.


If you want to find the India of the villages in the mountains, this is not for you. If you want to slum it around dodgy hotels and pick up dodgy stomach conditions, this also is not for you. If you want to live life out there on the edge, again this is not for you (but I suppose Trans-India could arrange it for you if you’re truly desperate!).


But, if you want to see truly amazing places, sleep in modern and high-class hotels, travel safely and smoothly in the hands of friendly and knowledgeable people, then look no further. You’ll not be disappointed. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll certainly be going back for more!

Best Regards,
Bob and Rachel – Manchester, UK.

From: Sebastian Häbler
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 8:28 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (RK)
Subject: AW: Inquiry 3 Day Trip Gurgaon/New Delhi - Taj Mahal - New Delhi (4-6 Pax)

Dear Sandhya,


Thank you very much again for all the arrangements. We were very satisfied with your services.

Please find attached evaluation form.

Also, I heard that it was just your birthday! Hence, a belated Happy Birthday!

Best Regards from Bangkok,

From: Nicky Honan
Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2015 10:58 PM
To: Trans India Holidays (rk)
Subject: Attn: Sandhya - Re South India Trip - Nicola Honan


Guest Names
Nicola Honan and Josephine Wynn

Quality of Car and Driver
The car provided was of excellent quality. It was comfortable, had plenty of space, was quiet, was stable and safe on inferior quality roads and the air conditioning worked extremely well. We appreciated that it had independent controls for the passengers in the back seat and also that it had fully functional seat belts. The car was also maintained in immaculate condition throughout the journey by our driver. Our driver, Subair, was outstanding. He was courteous, respectful, helpful and very professional throughout the journey. His driving was of the highest standard and we felt safe at all times. The driving was smooth, he was always on time and his predictions of when we would arrive at destinations was always accurate and he was courteous to other drivers. We would recommend him without hesitation and, in fact, have already done so to our friends via social media. He was an important factor in the quality of our trip.

Quality of the Guides Provided
All the guides, with the exception of one, were of a reasonable standard. They were knowledgeable and provided us with enough information about the sites visited for us to understand the background of each. The level of spoken English was enough for us to understand each of them although some were more easily understood than others. Being two mature age women travelling together we felt that the female guides related better to us personally as well as addressing our interests in a more personal manner. We felt that the male guides were, on occasion, simply delivering a well rehearsed script. We did have an unfortunately upsetting time with our guide in Thanjavur, S. U. S Munshi. We would certainly not recommend he be used again as he proved to be deceitful in his dealings with us. He made us feel uncomfortable with his arrogant manner resulting in an unpleasant disagreement at the end of the tour where he disputed what we had witnessed, in effect accusing us of lying. He led us to believe that viewing how brass statues were made was part of the tour and, after we purchased an item I witnessed him receiving a commission from the owner of the small family business. We asked him why he had taken a commission when we believed that we were supporting the family business with our purchase, not supplying him with extra cash (we did honour our commitment to provide him with a substantial tip as outlined in our trip notes). He denied, then tried to justify receiving this commission by shouting at us and in the process let it slip that this visit wasn't a scheduled part of the tour but an 'extra'. Had this been outlined to us at the outset we certainly would not have given him the option to earn a commission.

Quality of Hotel Accommodation
The standard of the hotels varied greatly with all of the rooms ranging from adequate (Madurai) to exceptional (Periyar, Trichy and Chennai). The food (breakfasts) were all good. The service was also good at all except the Hotel Supreme in Madurai. The staff at this hotel were disinterested (except when a tip may have been on offer) and difficult to deal with and the public areas of this hotel were dirty, untidy, dusty and dark - the stairwell was impassable in the morning as the dirty laundry was piled up making it impossible to get passed and there were broken windows and leaky tap ware in and around our room. We particularly enjoyed the hotels that were well located and close to items of interest and local restaurants that we could explore and patronise independently - Fort Cochin, Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram. The Lake View Hotel at Ooty was too far away from the town for us to fully enjoy what was on offer in the town.

Best Part of the Tour
The houseboat on the Kerala Backwaters was fantastic.

Other Comments
We would like to commend Sandhya on the work she did to make this trip happen. We contacted her just days before we wanted to begin this journey and she was always available to answer our questions, adjust the itinerary and organise all the details at the last minute despite the fact that we had some difficulties with the payment portal. Every detail of the trip worked perfectly and we have left India with fantastic memories.
Thank you to all involved.

Nicola Honan and Josephine Wynn

From: Karin Hunter
Sent: 12 November 2014 01:40
To: Trans India Holidays (rk)
Subject: Re: Travel within India

Hello Sandhya

We are back home and have only fond memories of our holiday in India.

Each of my travel companions agree that Kuldeep and the Tempo Traveller were crucial to our enjoyment.

Kuldeep is a fantastic driver. We felt safe in his vehicle, and that says a lot given the crazy traffic in India. He was friendly and patient with our travel complications, such as forgetting something at a hotel or travelling with other people's luggage. He was always on time. The vehicle was always neat and clean. He provided good advice.

The Tempo Traveller was a real surprise. Clearly too large for 4 people, but the space was great since it allowed us to keep our books, cameras and binoculars with us and to move around during the trip. Also everybody could sit somewhere with a good view.

Thank you for setting it up. I will recommend Trans India Holidays without reservation.

If there is a formal feedback mechanism, please send me the details. I will gladly complete it. Otherwise, please pass on our compliments and thanks to all concerned.

Kind regards

From: Christina Pike
Sent: 19 April 2014 11:25
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Our holiday in India

Dear Sandhya and the team at Trans India Holidays,

It is with pleasure that I write this testamonial of our amazing time in India during the month of March 2014 - all thanks to the above dedicated Wonderful team!

This was the trip of a lifetime for myself, my sister and my best friend from school, as this had been a dream that the three of us had talked about since we were 10 years old! We didn't only want to see a portion of India - we wanted to see the lot and consequently, our itinerary was very busy, taking in the South and North of India. From the very first email I made, introducing myself to Sandhya Semwal, my requests were never too much - she would go 'out of her way' to accommodate our travel wishes throughout India and her responses were always within 12 hours, answering any queries I had...this never ceased to amaze me, I was delighted and used to look forward to opening my emails to see what her response was! From her attention to detail to the final folder of ALL our travel documents, all in date order, so very well put together, just made me/us so excited and at peace with our forthcoming holiday through India. At no time, did we have to look for, or wait for our allocated Trans India Holidays representative upon arrival - everything ran like clockwork, Sandhya's work was excellent!

The guides and drivers were all extremely learned, curtious, punctual and caring, taking into account our every need and special requests and I congratulate Trans India Holidays on their staff selection.

I cannot speak more highly of the wonderful job Sandhya Semwal and the team at Trans India Holidays did for us, we loved every bit of our amazing holiday through India.

I will be thoroughly recommending Trans India Holidays to anyone who is planning a trip to majestical India.

Yours sincerely,
Christina Pike,
Cairns, Australia

From: Felipe y Monica Yturbe Verea
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2013 11:43 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Re: trip to India

Dear Sandhya

How are you? We are back in Mexico after having a marvellous vacation in India. I am taking the opportunity to give some comments of our hoping that they will be helpful for you.

Armistar was excellent because of the guide who was very good. The hotel good and you eat very well in the restaurant. Our experience at the Shatki houses was out of this world, absolutely, excellent. Srinagar was good. The houseboat was not what we expected, no air condition, not nice and clean and it was extrememly hot day and night. We tried to go into a hotel but there wasn´t any place. I would not recccomemend to stay in that particular houseboat. Mustafa, the guide, is the son of the owner of the boat, he is everything but a guide. Although he was helpful and very nice with us he does not know anything about the place and its history, as a good guide could be. We were trapped one day without going out of the houseboat in an extremely hot day, because the prime minister was there. The guide in Delhi, was excellent.

I hope my commnets help you for arranging the next trips. I hope I can travel again to your marvelous country and thank you again for your help

Warm regards,

From: Deborah Durnan
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 10:27 AM
To: 'Trans India Holidays-RK'
Subject: Holiday to kerala etc

Dear Sandhya

Happy new year to you and the Team at Trans India Holidays.

I am writing to thankyou all for providing Bob and I with a holiday of a lifetime. We were not disappointed and in fact we were so impressed by the quality service, making it so very easy for us to enjoyed your wonderful country.

My apologies for the delay in contacting you but perhaps Rajesh explained already to you that we had to interrupt our holiday in New Delhi to return home a few days early due to the sudden and critical illness of our very dear friend. She passed away 3 weeks later, a few days before Christmas.

Now that I am home and back at work I want to inform you that we are very happy indeed with the highly professional service provided by TransIndia Holidays and the local agents you contracted to drive and guide us both in Kerala, in Rajasthan and in Kolkata. In fact I think the woman in Kolkata was the best! So please pass onto her our sincere thanks and appreciation.

We want to particularly mention the driver named Eso who provided a wonderful service from Kovalam to Kochi. He is a highly skilled driver, a very thoughtful and polite person with a great sense of humour, delightful company with a great knowledge of the history and culture, and of the tourist industry of Kerala. Indeed we felt it was a privilege to know him and learn from him, and to be taken care of by him. Please pass on our gratitude to Eso. Certainly when we return to Kerala we will request Eso as our driver and we have already recommended him to friends planning a trip in July.

Kerala was by far the place we loved most, in particular the Kovalam, Coconut Lagoon, Periyar and Kochi. We also loved Udaipur and Rohet where we wished we could have stayed longer. Unfortunately we missed out on going to Varanasi but that is for our next trip! The airlines all provided an excellent service.

The accommodation was excellent, and in particular we loved the Leela, Shalimar Spice Gardens, the Coconut Lagoon, and the Malabar.

We did not really like Windermere Estate. At Jaislamer we would have preferred to stay closer to the city, and we had to insist on a room with a view and not the almost windowless room at the end of a long dark hall out the back of the Hotel. This hotel I suggest needs to make some improvements in its client service. After our complaint we were provided with a much improved service. The only other complaint we have already spoken to Rajesh in New Delhi about concerning the Guide and the carpet. This issue however was promptly and effectively resolved. We were very impressed with this service.

We had such a wonderful holiday and already talking about a return visit. We have recommended Trans India Travel to 3 friends so I do hope they use your excellent service.

Once again thankyou for arranging our trip and best wishes for 2013.

Warm regards, Deborah

Deborah Durnan

From: John Campbell
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 7:18 AM
To: Trans India Holidays-RK
Subject: Re: Mughal India Tour


We are finally home from our travels and recovered from the long flights and wanted to pass along some comments on our tour of India, which you organized for us.

First, Sunil, our driver, was absolutely exceptional. He was not only extremely competent, but was pleasant. None of us could believe that he was able to drive each day, after the experiences on the roads the previous day. We figured he should be hiding in a dark room drinking himself into a soothing oblivion. He was totally accommodating to our requests for drinks stops and photo opportunities. We cannot commend him highly enough. The van was very comfortable, except for the fact that the air conditioning did not have a temperature control, only a fan control, so, although it was usually too stuffy to go without the air conditioning, even on the lowest fan setting, we could not bear to have it running all the time, except on the warmest days.

The total tour was very interesting, and your personnel were on time, knowledgeable and courteous throughout. We struggled from time to time with the food, trying to figure out what we should eat, but, it too was an experience we will long remember.

The only negative comment, is that, with a very late flight out of Delhi on the 12th, we would have been more comfortable staying at the hotel in Udaipur the day before our flight out, rather than travelling to Delhi for one night, which would have given us the afternoon at the Trident to enjoy the pool, then fly the next afternoon to Delhi and simply remain at the airport until our flights departed. We all had access to lounges so it would have reduced the “down time” we felt in Delhi, as well as eliminating some transfers for you. This however, was a minor issue.

Even living in Mexico did not properly prepare us for the amount of garbage on the streets and roads, but I suspect the much high levels of population explains that difference.

All-in-all, we were extremely satisfied with the services your company provided throughout our tour, and the sites selected for our visits were interesting.

Thank you for your service.


John Campbell

Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 2:29 PM
To: Trans India Holidays-RK
Subject: Re: Your India Trip

Hi Sandhya,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in planning my trip to India. I had an amazing time and look forward to returning some day soon. Everything went smoothly and all connections and pick-ups went according to schedule.

I am still going through the nearly 2,000 photos I took. Thanks again for everything.

Best Regards,


From: Stephanie Ho
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 11:24 AM
To: Trans India Holidays-RK
Cc: AB/HK- Bonny Wong; Rachel Sha
Subject: Feedback: Trip to India

Dear Sandhya Semwal,

We returned from India yesterday and we did enjoyed very much during the whole trip.

The driver/Raj is very nice and professional.

Local tour guides are good except New Delhi one which pushing us sometime in order to complete day tour earlier.

Hotels are good except in ITC Mughal which breakfast location was different from some people which we think due to room price.

We suggest your company to point out to guests in advance would be better in order for guest to make own choice.

Overall thank you very much for all arrangements,

we enjoyed and will recommend your company to our friends if they visit India in the future.

Best Regards,

Stephanie Ho

From: fleur omeara
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2012 9:30 PM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: To: Sandhya Semwal

Dear Sandhya,

Sarah and I are safely back in Kenya and I am writing to say how much we enjoyed our trip. It was a truly wonderful experience. We were well looked after and everyone we came in contact with was kind and helpful. I want to make special mention of two guides, the gentleman who took us around Delhi and the young man who showed us around Agra. Both were full of enthusiasm to tell us about their cultural heritage and both went the extra mile when it came to finding money changers.

Hampi was amazing and well worth the trip. By the way Hospet is a big town with several smart hotels. From what you indicated we expected a small country town.

When we returned to Bangalore by the overnight train we were delighted to find that arrangements had been made to take us to a hotel where we were able to freshened up and have breakfast before flying to Cochin. That was a bonus for us. Thank you.

I believe there was supposed to be a feed back form for me to complete before departure from Cochin. This was not in the folder we were given on arrival .The agent was keen that I write something so I wrote an account of our trip on a piece of paper that he gave me.

India is high on my list for a return trip (two weeks is simply not enough !) and I shall be contacting Trans India Holidays again in the future.

Many thanks.


Fleur O’Meara

From: Ross McKenzie
Sent: Friday, December 30, 2011 7:28 AM
To: info@transindiaholidays.com
Subject: Some feedback

Good afternoon,

I would just like to pass on some feedback of one of your employees and would appreciate you forwarding this onto the appropriate people at Trans India, including your Managing Director, Mr Kapil Goswamy.

I was recently part of the Rotary Club of Sydney tour of Rishikesh, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

The tour was well managed and all visits first class.

The tour guides, drivers and assistants were very informative and helpful.

In particular I would like to point out that Mr Jitendra Kumar who escorted us made the trip even better, his professionalism and attention to details excellent, while his direct care and support to some of the elderly tour members was most noticeable.

All my fellow Rotary Club travellers felt the same.

As a regular visitor to India I look forward to using your services again.

Ross McKenzie

From: G & R Hardy
To: 'Trans India Holidays(ds)'
Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011 3:10 AM
Subject: India trip review

G'day Kapil,

Well we touched down at 6.00am yesterday in Sydney back to reality. What an amazing India trip and experience!!!

We managed to see Tigers, and a Leopard too.

Everything was fantastic with no complaints at all. The driver was fantastic and the guides were excellent.

It was special to be in India for the cricket Well the weather at home is cooler but still warm but it is back to work tomorrow.

Please keep in touch

Roberta & Gavin Hardy

From: Margaretcross
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 1:56 PM
To: Trans India Holidays
Subject: Re: Tiger's Trail Tour for Margaret Cross - India holiday report

Good morning Sandhya,

We are now back in UK after prolonging our "holiday" in India. Unfortunately when we reached Jaipur my husband was taken into hospital with pneumonia. He received very good care in the hospital and is now much recovered but still a little tired.

Up to that point I have to say we had a great time. Our representatives, guides and drivers were excellent and everything went like clockwork. Would we have done anything differently? Yes. Your incredible country is so vast that we made the mistake of trying to do too much in the time we had available; in future we would book fewer venues and give ourselves more time in each, in order to have more free time to wander, look and photograph on our own.

We chose to stay in a variety of hotels and I have to say that the Sharpura House was our least favourite. When Rob went into hospital the Sharpura had no availability to extend my stay and our insurance company moved me to another heritage hotel in Jaipur - the Khandela Haveli. I think you should include this hotel in your list of options for Jaipur. It is in the same area as the Sharpura, has 22 rooms, but the atmosphere was much pleasanter, the food and service much better and the owners ensure a personal touch. I would certainly choose it as the place to stay in Jaipur.

After booking the trip we'd had some doubts about Bandavgarh; we saw a video clip of the jostling and noise from drivers and tourists when close to tiger and having experienced many safaris in Africa where such behaviour is not allowed we weren't sure we would enjoy the experience if we were lucky enough to see tiger. Our tiger sightings were exceptional, three sub adults playing for 20 mins, and the jostling/noise wasn't as bad as on the clip we saw, however, we did find that almost all of the many sightings (bird and animal) were done by our driver, with the National Park Guides often doing very little. This applied in both Badavgarh and Kanha. It seemed pointless in having them with us. (We were also lucky enough to see tiger in Kanha too - without noise and jostling!)

Did we enjoy our holiday, would we come again? YES. Would we book through you? YES.

Thank you to you and all those who made our holiday run so smoothly and made it so enjoyable.


From: Wolfe Sharp
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 11:24 AM
To: Trans India Holidays-ag
Subject: Greetings from Melbourne-- Our India trip review

Dear Kapil,

Helen and I have now returned home after our trip to India... a memorable experience. I just wanted to thank you for your superb arrangements which provided us with an exceptional tour. All guides, hotel accomodations, tours and transfers went smoothly and professionally. Any slight disappointments were entirely of my own making in not following your recommendations more exactly.

For your own information, the Amarya Garden Hotel (Delhi) is very pleasant and the staff, including the owner, are superb in attempting to look after their guests. The accommodation however is really not up to standard with certain basic needs not adequately catered for, and a restaurant which is very ordinary in quality and very high in price.Similarly, The Punnamada Resort in Kerala is a very nice facility set in a charming setting, but badly needs updating.

Your suggestion of the Leela Kempinski for our last night in Mumbai was simply superb. The ideal spot for that early morning departure that we all dread. All other accommodations were very good. The Trident in Agra and the Old Harbour Hotel in Cochin dederve special mention.... not only for their accommodation but also for their restaurants.

All guides were adequate at worst and outstanding at best. I would particularly like to commend our guides in Jaipur (Asif) and Udaipur (Devendre).

I would have no hesitation in using your services again, and in recommending them to anyone else. Our sincere thanks.

Wolfe Sharp

From: Wolfe Sharp
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 11:24 AM
To: Trans India Holidays-ag
Subject: Greetings from Melbourne-- Our India trip review

Dear Kapil,

Helen and I have now returned home after our trip to India... a memorable experience. I just wanted to thank you for your superb arrangements which provided us with an exceptional tour. All guides, hotel accomodations, tours and transfers went smoothly and professionally. Any slight disappointments were entirely of my own making in not following your recommendations more exactly.

For your own information, the Amarya Garden Hotel (Delhi) is very pleasant and the staff, including the owner, are superb in attempting to look after their guests. The accommodation however is really not up to standard with certain basic needs not adequately catered for, and a restaurant which is very ordinary in quality and very high in price.Similarly, The Punnamada Resort in Kerala is a very nice facility set in a charming setting, but badly needs updating.

Your suggestion of the Leela Kempinski for our last night in Mumbai was simply superb. The ideal spot for that early morning departure that we all dread. All other accommodations were very good. The Trident in Agra and the Old Harbour Hotel in Cochin dederve special mention.... not only for their accommodation but also for their restaurants.

All guides were adequate at worst and outstanding at best. I would particularly like to commend our guides in Jaipur (Asif) and Udaipur (Devendre).

I would have no hesitation in using your services again, and in recommending them to anyone else. Our sincere thanks.

Wolfe Sharp

From: Mick Redman
Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2009 6:20 PM
To: Trans India Holidays-rk
Subject: RE: Your India Trip

Dear Sandhya,

My wife and I have now returned home following our fantastic holiday in India and Nepal. I have spent time in India before, but to me it is still one of the most vibrant and colourful places in the world.

I should like to thank you personally, for the changes to the itinerary and the fast response to the changes and my questions. I should also like to thank Mr Singh the driver, who in addition to driving us in Delhi, picked us up in Khajaraho, and returned us to Delhi via Orchha, Agra and Jaipur. His driving, help and sense of humour on this unforgettable journey were brilliant.

I apologise for the delay in clearing my Amex transaction, and I can assure you that I have already written to them at a very senior level expressing my total dissatisfaction over a pre arranged transaction.

On a constructive note I should like to make the following comments for your consideration:-

The Orchha Resort is in need of refurbishment – 1950's hotel décor. All the others were excellent
If train journeys are taken, it would be better during daylight, if possible, in order to see more of the Indian countryside. Our journeys to and from Amritsar were taken mainly in darkness.

I should like to add the following should you wish to include it in your list of testimonials.
My wife and I have just returned from a fantastic holiday to Northern India and Nepal, with additional visits to Amritsar, Wagah Border and Goa. Prior to departure these additions to the original itinerary were made with immediate responses regarding the booking of hotels, flights, railway journeys, prices etc., etc. As for the holiday, never a single problem. The hotels were superb, the local Agents and Guides were always punctual and there to meet us at every destination prior to booking us into the hotels, with the minimum of admin procedures. All sight visits were trouble free, with a mass of relevant information always delivered by the knowledgeable guides with a nice sense of humour. The AC cars were always comfortable, and the drivers happy to adhere to additional needs.

The itinerary and responses were brilliant, and we would thoroughly recommend booking any holiday with Trans India Holidays, we certainly will in the future

Michael and Joan Redman
Biggin Hill, England