Sujan Jawai Camp

Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp - an extraordinary wilderness experience


Located in the desert state of Rajasthan, about 150 kms from Udaipur ( and about the similar distance from Jodhpur), is the Sujan Jawai Camp, arguably the last word in experiential luxury as far as India’s wildlife resorts and camps are concerned. It’s literally like a luxury African safari camp experience, with Indian hospitality thrown in, where every detail has been looked at and attended to. 
The Jawai Bandh area is itself a rugged terrain, with hills and rock outcrops that are thousands of years old, a large rain water reservoir, and India’s densest leopard population. What makes the area and the wildlife experience different, is the fact that here man and animal seem to be coexisting in complete harmony. One can see Leopards moving around the hills and open grasslands, while village farmers and their families go about their daily lives in the vicinity.

Sujan Jawai Leopard Camp

The camp itself, lovingly created by the husband and wife duo of Jaisal and Anjali Singh, is literally the last word in luxury as far as glamping in india is concerned. The tents are large and comfortable, the dining exquisite and the service par excellence. The accommodations are so comfortable, the heated pool so inviting, the Spa and Library so relaxing, that’s it’s actually quite easy to forget that your main purpose of visiting Jawai was the wildlife, mainly the leopards ! Safe and comfortable jeeps, great drivers , friendly and knowledgeable naturalists , all put together, provide a great and unique wildlife experience, with excellent leopard sighting opportunities. 

India, as a wildlife destination, has for long been known as a must do destination for Tiger enthusiasts, but sighting leopards in the wild, being out in the bush, with the surrounding rugged hills, and the exemplary Sujan service, makes a visit to Jawai a must do for wildlife enthusiasts.


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