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The Top Experiences to Try in India


India is matchless and over and over it is proven so. The country is a mix of memories of a lifetime. From interesting history, heritage, culture, traditions, wildlife, food, shopping and everything you ask for, India tours are experiences that are life-changing.

Not just the Taj Mahal or the land of Yoga, India isn’t what you see on postcards. It is more about living the culture, walk through history, spotting wildlife, hanging with nomads in Jaisalmer, meeting the holy men of Varanasi, camping under the stars in the desert, enjoy hospitality at homestays, heritage hotels & other unique accommodations, taste the flavoursome food, go shopping, and much more.

India tour package are not completed unless you have crossed out these points on the checklist of the top experiences in India

Heritage Tours

India has a vast and colourful history, culture and heritage. Reliving the days of the glory is very much possible even to this day. There are cities, monuments and even ruins that keep intact the heritage since the centuries since the very start of civilization. The forts, palaces, heritage mansions resonate with tales of the yesteryears. For a memorable your holiday package in India it is absolute a must to not just go on sightseeing but embark on heritage walks that unravel the treasures of the land.

The ultimate tour includes the Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, the most popular Golden Triangle Tour Circuit in India. The trio cities are the historic, full to the brim with ancient sites, some of which are mentioned on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Come across the ‘wonder of the world’ Taj Mahal, mighty red-sandstone fortress of Mughals both in Delhi and Agra, Rajput architecture in the hill fortress of Amer, the royal city palace, ancient scientific instrument, garden mausoleums, step-wells and other fascinating structures.

Jaipur & Ahmedabad are cities with the status of UNESCO World heritage sites. Varanasi is the oldest city of India which makes for an interesting tour. The ruined city of Hampi, the fast-paced Mumbai, the French-colon Pondicherry, the thriving Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, cities of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and more are popular for heritage tours.

Stay Home, especially the royal homes.

Making you feel at home is one of the principal traditions of Indian culture. The hospitality is so welcoming that you will never feel out of place but right at home. An interesting way to experience India is stay at homestays or even better the home of the former royalty. India abounds in many heritage hotels that once belonged to the royal families & prominent personalities. These homes have been lovingly transformed for guests to experience the bygone era, the culture and heritage.

Food tour

Indian food can only be described as food for the soul. Each region, each state and every community has its own distinct flavours, dishes, style of cooking and ingredients. Make sure you try a local Indian Thali whichever part of the country you explore. A Thali is a full platter that comes with many dishes, sometimes as many as 30+. There are special feast thalis such as the Sadya. There are aplenty options of luxury restaurants, eateries and food trails that specialize in Indian dishes & flavors.

Street food in India deserve the courtesy of food tours. Old Delhi’s Parathewali gali has a reputation as does Mumbai street delights, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kerala, and many other cities.

And, why stop at eating. Get cooking lessons from experts. Wherever you travel besides gorging on the delicacies take lessons to recreate the dishes on your return. 

Ayurveda Massage

The greatest experience of a holiday in India is the tryst with the ancient science of health & wellness- Ayurveda. Based on fundamental principles of nature, the science helps with cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. Customized therapies, massages and treatments pamper the senses.

The soothing, nurturing and therapeutic Ayurveda massages can be availed at the leading holiday destinations of the country. There can be great options of spa services at your hotel. Furthermore, there are many choices of the wellness getaways at the leading Ayurveda resorts in India, especially in Kerala, the foothills of Himalayas and the beachside locations.


Shopping is an experience that certainly adds to the bliss of exploring India. Markets comprise of the culture, clothes, jewellery, handicrafts, food and so much more. To experience the real heart of the country, try out the old-style markets. Vendors display their skilled handicrafts and more, while you can try your hand at the skills of negotiation.

The favorite shopping hangouts across the country are: Delhi – Bazaars of Old Delhi or Chandni Chowk, Goa – Anjuna Flea Market, Jaipur – Bapu Bazaar & Varanasi – Thatheri Gali.

Houseboat stay

Stay on the floating houseboats of Kerala is a unique delight, one must experience India. The serenity and the-out-of-the-world beauty certainly makes for cherished memories. Experience the bliss of the backwaters while you cruise aboard a lavishly-furnished houseboat.

What makes a stay on the houseboat special is that they take away from the world into a unique ecosphere of vast blue skies,

Wildlife Safari

Wildlife tour in India is certainly one of the greatest charms India has to boast of. Come across Tigers, Lions, Single Horned Rhinos, Elephants, colourful birds, reptiles and more of the animal kingdom in the wild. Indian forests and jungles are accessible through guided safaris, where a forest jeep and a forest guide will take you around and show you flora and fauna of the forest. To explore the wild there are elephant safaris, walking safaris and boat safaris too. Bird watching is an added delight to spot colourful birds and even migratory species that fly from far ends of the globe.

While Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh National Parks offer the thrill of exploring ancient forts, Pench and Periyar National Parks offer the excitement of stay in treehouses.

Some Magical Moments At Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel


And so before you could actually know it… we’d hit number 6! The sixth anniversary dawned upon us and this time I wanted to do something special for my beloved wife. I was scouting for a destination that offers a perfect combination of sun and sea along with a luxurious stay. Goa was the first place that cropped up into my mind, but one of my office colleagues suggested, "why don’t you celebrate your special day in Mumbai? ” I really liked his idea, because we had been to Goa several times and so I thought to give Mumbai, fondly called as the “City of Dreams” a shot. Without wasting too much time, I booked a stay in a Club Room at the ICONIC Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. BELIEVE ME! My anniversary was more unforgettable and mesmerizing that I could have ever imagined.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

On the day of our anniversary, we checked in to a luxurious Club room at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. While booking the hotel, I had told the staff to make some special decoration in our room and to my utter disbelief, what they did for us was truly out of this world. It was like the room had been specially kept just for us! Heart-shaped balloons and rose flowers were amazingly decorated on the walls. There was a huge greeting card and a bouquet of colorful flowers kept on the bed. We were truly delighted when almost every staff member wished us a Happy Anniversary. The Executive Chef of the hotel sent a big chocolate cake to our room. The hotel really lived up to its reputation of treating its guests like a GOD.

Well talking about the room, it seemed that we were in the fairyland. The room was very elegant and swanky. The decor was the state of the art that immediately captivated our attention. The colors of the room were tastefully chosen and replete with every facility that one could dream of. Our room offered the stunning view of the majestic Gateway of India and overlooked the large pool filled with crystal-clear water. The large bath tub in the glass-walled bathroom meant that we could knock out fatigue while watching our favorite movies on the large screen TV. We had lunch at the Souk restaurant, on the rooftop of the Tower Wing, with beautiful views of the Mumbai harbor, the Art District and the Gateway of India. The entrance to the restaurant itself is grand and will astonish you with its magnificent architecture. The restaurant has an amazing ambiance and decor. One word which can describe the taste of the food is SUPERB. From the moment you enter the restaurant and the time you leave, you are actually treated like a VIP. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal as well as the ambiance and clicked some great pictures too. It is simply heavenly! 

WOW!!! This was our reaction when we saw the Sea Lounge restaurant in the hotel. The restaurant has the best high tea in Mumbai, with an elaborate buffet spread of classic English delicacies and local Indian favorites. Surprise! Surprise! We saw the Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan enjoying a cup of tea at the same place. We were so delighted to see him and wasted no time to click some pictures with him. He made our day when he too wished us a Happy Anniversary. As we left the lounge, we were still in an awe of the superstar. And the next morning, after a cup of coffee, it was time to say goodbye to the hotel. We thanked the hotel staff for making our anniversary memorable.

Anniversary or no anniversary, I think, I would certainly like to stay at the Taj Mahal Hotel each time I travel to Mumbai!

Manish is an expert blogger at Trans India Holidays, he has been writing for the last half a decade. His passion for traveling made him a travelogue. Manish's dream is to explore every nook and corner of the country. When he is not on board, he pens down his experience through articles and blogs.

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