adventure tours in India

Exploring India in search of adventure


India offers excellent opportunities for adventures. Some of these adventures become experiences of a lifetime. Right from exploring the jungles thriving with wildlife, go rafting on river rapids, or head out on beautiful yet challenging roads leading to the dreamland of Ladakh. From seeking out vibrant marine life to trekking across majestic mountains of Himalayas, there is a world out here.

Besides the vibrant culture, the charming history and incredible experiences, you and your family & friends can experience adventures like never before.

Here’s all that awaits!

Tiger Safaris

The biggest adventure one could have in India is coming across the majestic royal Bengal Tigers. A sprawling abode for tigers and scores of other species India’s has many havens for wildlife enthusiasts. From the tiger lands of Central India's Madhya Pradesh to UNESCO world heritage sites of Sundarbans, One word of advice: don’t get so preoccupied with tiger spots that you miss other animals and just the romance of traversing through what is genuinely wild territory. The adventurous thrill of exploring wildlife is made all the more special with staying at the wildlife resorts. 

Not just tigers, jungle safaris In India comprises exploring North East India's Kaziranga National Park, the land of one-horned rhinoceros, boat safaris at Periyar National Park, spotting leopards at Jawai and many more.

Mountain biking in Ladakh

Ladakh, lying on the northern tip of India’s frontiers, is truly unparalleled in its majestic beauty and challenges. Biking in Ladakh is the holy grail of adventure cyclists all over the world. Terrifying mountain passes, thin air, and awe-inspiring beauty in a remote frontier landscape make this one heck of an adventure. Adding to the kick of adventure is the unparalleled beauty of nature which inspires even the regular tourists to become explorers and ordinary shutterbugs to become genuine photographers.

Treks in the Himalayas

The Himalayas stretched over India, Nepal and Bhutan offer the thrill of trekking, camping and many more adventures. Trekking in the Himalayas is a thrill that calls enthusiasts to walk through ancient trails.

Camping in the desert

Marine activities

Goa is the most sought-after destination in India for a vacation, any type of vacation. It has lazy beaches if you just want to relax and enjoy the waves, it also has adventurous activities for you. It is the best place to head to if you want to beat the lockdown blues. We bet this is one Goa plan that you cannot cancel at any cost, especially after being cooped up inside your house for such a long time.

Bicycling tours

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