Goa: India’s Own Tropical Paradise


India’s most popular beach destination, Goa earns its spot on the popular destinations of the world at the Trip Advisor's Travellers' Choice Award 2020. India’s tropical paradise gets the 11th rank on the elite list. Goa is synonymous with its wonderful beaches, therefore undoubtedly it is India’s favourite beach getaway. Set along the cerulean spread of the Arabian Sea, Goa is the land of sun, sand and sea. The tropical haven is the most-preferred holiday destination in the country. Be it a family vacation, romantic honeymoon, fun-time with friends or any kind of vacation, Goa tours suit all!

Goa's colonial heritage

Under the rule of the Portuguese till 1961, Goa still retains its colonial past. The Indo-Portuguese character of the culture of Goa is very visible amongst its architecture as well as its people. Churches in Goa are elegant specimens of architecture that has been named among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. On a walk through Old Goa, come across the beautiful churches. Also, a part of the glorious past are the forts of Goa. These defensive structures now serve at beautiful lookouts that still retain the charms of the olden days.

The major tourist attractions of Goa are its sparkling blue of the waters and the sky in contrast of the golden sands, green paddy fields, swaying coconut trees and not to forget the lively spirit of the people. Goans make you feel at home, every moment spent here is nothing like you have experienced before. In the smallest state of India, there are quite a number of big surprises. Cruises that you cherish forever, casinos to try your luck, nightlife that keeps you up till the early hours of the day, food that combines the delicious flavours of the sea and the very different culinary style are some highlights of your holiday in Goa.

Beach in Goa

Beyond the stretch of the golden coastline that comprise of more than 50 beaches, Goa has much to offer. Watersports add to the pleasure of your dream beach holiday. The lush Western Ghats are close by, where there is much to explore. There are scenic waterfalls, especially the Dudhsagar Falls that is unmissable. The wildlife sanctuaries are blessed with rare flora and fauna, it is also a rare bird watcher’s heaven. If the unexplored backwaters, beautiful villages and best of all history that is fascinating. So, be it relaxation, sightseeing, adventure or whatever your heart desires, Goa has it all.

Lush greenery

The allure of Goa is that it remains quite different from the rest of India. While it is small enough to be explored in a way that other Indian states are not, it still has so much to provide you a wonderful vacation. Undoubtedly, Goa's tourism byline of "Goa - 365 days on Holiday" is absolutely true.

Wildlife Tourism in India: A Golden Chance to Encounter the Wild


Wildlife tourism is a very important part of the Indian tourism. And, this World Tourism Day 2020, the incredible range of travel experiences needs to be explored with wildlife tour packages in India. And I would guess rightly so, given the fact that, after Africa, India perhaps has the most species of endangered wildlife that one could see in the wild. The star attraction of India's National parks is, of course, the Royal Bengal tiger, and this majestic animal is certainly the main draw for the wildlife tourism in India.

Tigers in India

India now has almost 40 notified tiger reserves spread across the country, from Kaziranga and Manas in the east to Tadoba in the west, from Corbett in the north to Periyar and Bandipur in the south. Even the offbeat Sundarbans to the popular wildlife sanctuaries of Bandhavgarh National Park, Ranthambore, Pench  The big plus point of having so many Tiger reserves is that one can combine and include the nearest one into an India itinerary easily and even those not coming for a wildlife only focused trip, can easily fit in a few days at one India's many National parks.

Having been in the industry for almost 30 years now, I've been lucky to have had a chance to visit quite a few of the Tiger reserves, as well as interact with several wildlife enthusiasts from across the world. The general consensus is that the Tiger is definitely the most regal and majestic of all mammals, and irrespective of how many times one has seen a Tiger, the thrill of spotting a Tiger in the wild, remains and does not diminish with repeated sightings. After a recent trip to Africa, where we saw lions in the wild, I was actually wondering as to whether the Lion actually deserves its title of "King of the Jungle", in my view, and plenty of people actually agreed with me on this, that, the Tiger actually has a larger presence, and greater karishma.

Tiger tourism in India

The Indian wildlife experience is actually very different from the African safari experience, and it is extremely important for travelers to understand this fact. Africa has an abundance of wildlife, so a tourist traveling to lets say, Kruger, is sort of guaranteed sightings of all the big 5, perhaps within the first few hours of entering the reserve, whereas, even in Bandhavgarh, the National Park with a good Tiger population, it is possible to have done half a dozen safaris and still not having sighted the Tiger !! 

Not just the tigers, Indian wildlife tourism also covers sighting of Asiatic Lions, One-horned Rhincoeros, colorful birds including migratpry species, gharials and many other rare species.

In the last couple of months, there had been a lot of uncertainty regarding the opening of the National Parks in the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, which was subject to the decision f the Indian Supreme Court. Fortunately, the Courts did allow the Parks to open, and it is now backing to business as usual. As a consequence of this, there have been some changes in the rules and regulations. The number of vehicles allowed into the Parks has been further curtailed, thereby making advance reservations all the more important, and also, the Central Indian reserves of Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench are now completely closed every Wednesday.

One of the other positives in recent times has been the opening of several wildlife resorts  and boutique lodges in the vicinity of the National Parks. Unlike Africa, even the Luxury lodges are not situated within the forests, but are outside, but, there are now a few Jungle lodges and camps in India, that are at par with the finest in the world. In addition to the Taj Safari lodges in Pench, Kanha, and Bandhavgarh, others that stand out are, the Samode Safari Lodge in Bandhavgarh, Singinawa, Flame of the Forest and Shergarh in Kanha, Forsyth’s Lodge in Satpura, and there is, of course, the Sherbagh tented camp in Ranthambhore. 


The 10 Best Travel Books That Will Ignite Curiosity and Deepen your Love for India


There is a famous saying “the thing about books is they let you travel without moving your feet” and this is one of the best ways to travel when you are unable to do so. A way to satiate your travel lust till you can actually travel to India, travel books make you travel to places, uncover the deepest of secrets and enrich you with incredible experiences. India is a land of infinite travel experiences and the travel books capture the charms of the land that ignites curiosity and deepen your love for India.

If you are a voracious reader and lived life through the books or just starting with reading, the travel books about India will take you to a world of wonders, inspire you, and in fact change you forever.

Let’s run down some of the best travel books about India that are a must read for the love of the country.

1. City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi - William Dalrymple

The City of Djinns is written with much love by William Dalrymple who has been enamored by India and especially the capital city, Delhi. The book narrates a curious tale of the centuries-long history of the eight cities of Delhi along with the legend of the djinn, the spirit that assures the restoration of the city like a phoenix, no matter the times it has been destroyed.

2. Chasing the Monsoon - Alexander Frater

As the name suggests the travelogue by Alexander Farter is all about Chasing the Monsoon in India and thereby exploring this vast and diverse land in all its glory. The beautiful descriptions of flooded paddy fields to rain-washed monuments, the blissful season of monsoons is lovingly captured in all its moods, soothing the reader and te traveller.

3. No Full Stops in India – Mark Tully

A must read for travellers in love with India, the book beautifully capture the love story between this BBC correspondent and India. The half-century long love affair with India is fondly captured with an account of travels through the country and his reflections. The everyday stories make you fall in love with India and experience affectionate feelings for the country.

4. Q&A – Vikas Swarup

A thought-provoking tale of the diversity of India, this novel is the script of multiple Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire. The story speaks about the contrasts which exist in the urban landscape of metropolitan India. The of various cultures, various people and all their stories and the hope that make India a true treasure to explore.

5. A Passage to India – E.M Forster

A must read for the tarvellers in love with India, a Passage to India is one of the 100 great works of 20th century English literature by the Modern Library and is considered to be one of the most beautiful accounts describing pre-Independence India. The story is set against the backdrop of the British Raj and the Indian independence movement in the 1920s. It paints the colourful and charming painting of vast and diverse India.

6. Butter Chicken in Ludhiana: Travels in Small Town India ­– Pankaj Mishra

A light-hearted book that narrates the tale of travelling in India, Butter Chicken in Ludhiana: Travels in Small Town India is a fascinating read. The name of the book is taken from one of India’s most favorite meal for non-vegetarians- the savory Butter Chicken. The tale is about the author’s encounters with the charming people of India and the fascinating culture while exploring places such as Mandi, Pushkar, Kottayam, Murshidabad, and extensive travel through small towns in India.

7. Wanderings in India and Other Sketches of Life in Hindostan – John Lang

A fascinating travelogue for travellers who are want to explore India or discover the country in a new light, the Wanderings in India and Other Sketches of Life in Hindostan is a must-read. The fantastic narrative of India during the colonial times and the many lifestyle habits of the British, this book helps travelers explore the colonial architecture of India in its various hill stations and cities now.

8. Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India – William Dalrymple

An Indian travelogue, the Nine Lives: In Search of the Sacred in Modern India is another masterpiece by William Dalrymple. The novel captures an experience of the spirituality of this diverse land through the narration of the lives of nine Indians from different religious backgrounds and the uniqueness that each exudes. This is a must-read for the ones who are in awe of the magical world of India.

9. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found – Suketu Mehta

This Pulitzer Prize finalist, Maximum City is a must read for travellers curious about India or in deep love with India. The chronicle of India’s most vibrant metropolis, Mumbai, the novel captures the extremities of life, the colourful characters within the ‘the biggest, fastest, richest city in India’ and the unity and charms within the vast diversity.

10. All Roads Lead to Ganga – Ruskin Bond

A lovely piece of writing by the classic novelist Ruskin Bond, this is also a must read. It is a masterfully-crafted painting of the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand and the author who has lovingly made his home here. It reads like a love letter to the Indian countryside and especially the nature of Dehradun, Mussoorie, and the Char Dham pilgrimage routes to the source of the Ganga (Ganges) River.

While the list of travel books that deepens the love for India is vast, we specifically chose the top ten must reads.


The Best Ideas for Honeymoon in India


Honeymoon in India is all about memories of a lifetime. The ‘icon of love’ the beautiful Taj Mahal is a recognized landmark and gives you a hint of all the wonderful things is store. There’s no set formula for a honeymoon holiday in India but our suggestion is a combination of traditional sightseeing as well as relaxation.

Ancient Indian culture regards marriage as sacred bond and believe guests to be similar to ‘Gods’. Therefore, when you chose India as your honeymoon destination, you will be pampered and your very wish indulged helping you have cherished memories with your loved one. Moreover, the experiences of the sub-continent is sure to be amazing in every way.

While planning your holiday in India with your partner, here’s where you can go.


The India capital city Delhi is the likely starting point of your tour, owing to the well-connected international airport and also its accessibility to other places you would like to visit.

The ‘city of cities’ as Delhi is fondly called is fascinating beyond words. There is wonderful architecture including three world heritage sites, architectural marvels, tours, activities, lavish hospitality and more. Take a cycle rickshaw ride in Old Delhi through the by-lanes crossing the Red Fort and Jama Masjid. Explore the street-food stalls of Chandni Chowk, Delhi’s oldest and largest bazaar. Walk through the premises of Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Raj Ghat, Qutub Archaeological Complex and more. India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan and Lutyen’s Delhi present another insight into the charming Delhi. The delicious food, shopping, nightlife and cultural extravaganza are added delights. Golden Triangle Tours is also a wonderful itinerary for your romantic India tours.


Agra presents a view of the Taj Mahal, a delight for a honeymoon tour. The incredible white-marble mausoleum by the River Yamuna is a testament of love built by a Mughal Emperor for his beloved. Awe at the view in the dawn or a full moon night, the breath-taking beauty will steal your breath away. For an alternative view visit the Mehtab Bagh. In Agra, a guided visit to the Red Fort, the main residence of the Mughal Emperors is a must. The Mohabbat-e-Taj show, visit to Itmad-ud-Daula, Sikandra and a visit to the abandoned Mughal city- Fatehpur Sikri are the highlights.

Agra’s hotels too imitate the theme of romance, luxury and opulence and is a pleasure for honeymoon couples seeking a pampering holiday. Agra is climax of any Classical India Tour.


Jaipur spells of royalty and romance. The Pink City of Royal Rajasthan as it is fondly nicknamed is a prime example of the grandeur of India heritage & culture. Get ready to be pampered with royal hospitality on your honeymoon in Jaipur.

Discover the hill fort of Amer with your loved one, you can enjoy an elephant ride to arrive to the fortress. The many beautiful palaces, gardens, architectural wonders and markets make for a great time. But, it is certainly the stay at the luxury heritage hotels that are renovated royal places- residences of former royalty that make Jaipur an absolute pleasure for a romantic vacation. Furthermore, a tour Royal Rajasthan with Heritage Hotels is also a great option for honeymoon couples.


Udaipur counted among the most romantic places in the world is an ideal option for a honeymoon in India. Built on the banks of Lake Pichola with the Aravalli Hills, the city exudes a tranquil atmosphere quite different from anywhere and anything else.

Udaipur’s hotels, many of which are renovated heritage properties aka lavish palaces of royalty are designed for relaxation, with plush suites, large pool areas, gardens and spas. The Taj lake Palace is one of the recognized landmarks of the city ideal for a royal stay. Sightseeing, cultural excursions, boat ride in Lake Pichola at sunset, shopping and more are the highlights. Golden Triangle with Udaipur is our suggestion for the best memories.


Honeymoon in Kerala is a blissful experience. A brief domestic flight brings you to Cochin, a major port city the gateway to the charms of God’s Own Country. The mix of Portuguese, Dutch, British colonial architecture and culture makes it worth exploring.

But, the most-favoured is Kerala’s Backwaters and Houseboat Tour for a matchless experience. You can cruise on a private houseboat with on board meals, staff and more for a night. There are also options to stay at the lakeside luxury hotels known for an extensive menu of Ayurvedic treatments, including the couple’s day retreat. Ayurveda wellness packages in Kerala are also a refreshing choice for the couples.

The tea gardens of Munnar, spice plantations of Thekkady, wildlife blessed Periyar National Park, beach retreat of Kovalam and more are the highlights of Luxury Kerala Tour with your loved one.


India’s favourite beach retreat, Goa honeymoon packages perfect option for a romantic holiday. Blue skies, white sandy beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, great restaurants and bars, what could one ask for in a holiday destination. Well connected by air from almost every other tourist destination in India, Goa is perhaps the best place for travelers to relax at the end of a hectic India trip. With hotels available in all categories and price bands, and a Portuguese heritage waiting to be discovered in Panjim, small flea markets encouraging travellers to practice their bargaining skills, all kinds of water sports, Goa has a lot going for it.

Thrill of the Wild

Luxury Wildlife Tour in India is also a great option of honeymoon tour. The country abounds in blessed wildlife sanctuaries and national parks that offers some of the amazing wildlife safaris. Embark on a thrilling experience to get up close with Tigers, Asiatic lions, one-horned Rhinos, colourful birds and other Indian wildlife. Stay at luxury wildlife resorts, enjoy jeep safaris & bird watching with expert naturalists and have a great time. Golden Triangle with wildlife is our suggested tour for an enjoyable holiday with your better half in India.

Luxury Train Tours in India

Luxury Trains in India offer a lifetime experience for honeymoon. Red-carpet welcome, traditional hospitality, modern amenities added to princely rail coaches, fine-dining restaurant cars, bar and lounge make you feel pampered. Journeying through colourful topography of India, the train itineraries include an introduction to Indian history, heritage and culture that are wonderful experiences of India.

In this fast-paced era, there is something truly romantic about train travel. Forget packing, unpacking, jet-lag and more, enjoy a luxury vacation. Embark on any itinerary of Palace on Wheels, Maharajas' Express and Deccan Odyssey.

Unlock the Secrets of Wellness at the Ayurveda Resorts in India


Wellness tourism is on the rise with more and more people seeking to travel for health and wellness. India caters to tourists from far ends of the globe with wellness retreats, holidays and experiences. Wellness tours refers to travelling wherein activities planned for health and well-being are on top priority. These include spa treatments, meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda and luxury activities. Ayurveda is the ancient science of health & wellness dating to the Vedic Era, almost 5000 years back

India’s vast and diverse landscape makes the ideal destination for a spa holiday, with a wealth of specialist and traditional Ayurveda spa centers and some extraordinary luxury accommodation options. Stay by peaceful Kerala backwaters, sunny beaches, in the foothills of the Himalayas or follow the footsteps of the Maharajas in sumptuous historic palaces.

Take a look at a comprehensive collection of some of the best Ayurveda Resorts in India. Make the most of your Ayurveda, Wellness and Yoga holidays in India.

  1. Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Situated on a forested hillside along the River Ganga, Ananda in the Himalayas is an ultimate spa getaway in India. Built in the former palace estate of the Maharaja of Tehri-Gahrwal, the 100-acre luxury resort is a luxurious refuge from the cacophony of everyday life.

Wake up to yoga classes based on the principles of the Bihar School of Yoga, snooze under the trees on the tranquil lawns, and tuck into healthy meals. There are complimentary cooking classes on offer. The award-winning 24,000 sq. ft. spa is one of the best spas in the world and not just India. With over 80 body and treatments both Indian and Western traditions, this is the ultimate wellness getaway. Sessions in alternative healing like reiki, chakra balancing and crystals are also available. For those who do want to leave the resort’s cocoon for Rishikesh, Ananda can arrange for white-water rafting, nature trails and wildlife safaris, and a view of the Ganga aarti.

Getting There: Ananda in the Himalayas is 32 km/1 hr from Dehradun airport, and 18 km/33 min from Rishikesh railway station.

  1. Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Pallakad, Kerala

Nestled at the foothills of the Western Ghats in ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala, The Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is one of the best wellness centres in the world. Featured among top 10 in Asia & top 50 in the world by National Geographic Traveler, the Ayurveda resort is settled on 50 acres of lush greenery in Palakkad. The refuge for weary souls to be pampered by Ayurveda, the health resort unlocks many secrets of wellness.

The health resort is a complete Ayurvedic healing village. Built adhering to Vaastu Shastra, the retreat grows herbs and trees which have immense curative & restorative powers. In addition of its eco-friendly features, the resort has many 5-star amenities for the utmost comfort of guests. Everything about the resort is soothing as it follows the concept of “Return to Nature”. Besides customized Ayurveda therapies, the health resort also offers Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, palmistry, nutrition, therapy, spiritual training and traditional Indian rituals (pujas).

Getting There: Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is 60 km/ 2hr from Coimbatore Airport.

  1. Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kovalam, Kerala

Overlooking the blue Arabian Sea, set atop a hill, Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort is a haven of authentic and traditional Ayurveda. Set amid 15 acres of beautiful tropical gardens, the resort enjoys views of endless blue of the sky and the sea. Classy amenities have been properly soothing bliss that unlocks many secrets of wellness.

A getaway from the mad hustle-bustle of the city, Somatheeram pampers with superb Ayurvedic facilities, yoga classes and meditation programmes. Ayurveda is the soul and essence of Somatheeram, as each and every treatment is practiced in the traditional way since its inception. Treatments in the Ayurveda centre includes Panchakarma / Detoxification / Body purification, Rejuvenation therapy, Stress management, Beauty care and various customized packages. Yoga and meditation are added delights of the resort.

Getting There: Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort is 15 km/ ½ hr from Trivandrum Airport and Railway Station.

  1. SwaSwara, Gokarna (near Goa)

SwaSwara is named from the Sanskrit words for “self” and “sound”. The soothing beach Ayurveda resort is set on 26-acres of natural bliss. Enveloped by the melody of the waves and refreshing breeze from the sea, the property is a soulful retreat. Fully dedicated for healing and recuperation with Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and other natural therapies. The Ayurvedic wellness retreat rejuvenates the body, mind and soul.

Start the day with sunrise yoga classes. Indulge in pampering massages as part of the treatment prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor. Meditation sessions, walks on the nearby Om beach, pottery and art classes make your holiday healing and harmonious. The resort also arranges hiking, boating, and kayaking excursions. SwaSwara is one of the leading names for spa holidays in India.

Getting There: SwaSwara is 159km/ 3.5 hrs from Dabolim airport, and 14km/22min from Gokarna Road Railway Station.

  1. Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala

Settled on the banks of the Lake Vembanad, overlooking the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, The Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom is among the best luxury Ayurveda resorts in India. Like its name the resort is surrounded by coconut groves and is accessible only by boat. The ethereal setting is the reason it knows the secrets of wellness and shares with its guests.

The eco-friendly resort has won several awards and is among the best in the wellness industry. Besides the scenic views, soothing massages and therapies, mouth-watering food and a pleasant experience. The Ayurveda centre offers customized treatments as prescribed by Ayurveda practitioners. The therapies include everything from beauty to rejuvenation and stress-management and cure for many maladies, all based on India's ancient healing art of Ayurveda. Bird watching tours, houseboat rides, canoe rides, village visit and more also enhance the wellness vacation.

Getting There: Coconut Lagoon is 58 km/1.5 hrs from Cochin Airport and 15 kms/ 25 min from Kottayam Railway Station.

  1. Spice Village Resort , Thekkady, Kerala

Like its name suggests, The Spice Village Resort is set literally in the midst of a spice plantation in Kerala. Located on the borders of the Periyar National Park in Thekkady, it is a complete wellness getaway in India. The Ayurveda resort is fragrant with the many spices Kerala is so well-known for. The entire property is modelled on the native dwellings which takes you back to the heart of natural bliss. The spices grown in the property are also a part of Ayurveda treatments. The laid-back and homely setting is blissful and the main reason why this is one of the most popular wellness destinations in India. Besides Ayurveda treatments, there is yoga and meditation, nature walks, delicious therapeutic food and so much more.  

Getting There: Spice Village Resort is 162 km/4.5 hrs from Cochin Airport and 108 kms/ 3.5 hours from Kottayam Railway Station.

  1. Shreyas Retreat in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Set on a lush 25-acre property on the outskirts of Bengaluru, Shreyas Retrat is a healing wellness centre. With 20 guests at one time, it is quite and calming. The ultimate getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city, this one is special place to escape from schedules and recuperate in natural bliss. Each of the cottages have tented canopies in the garden and beside the infinity pool (the latter is wheelchair-accessible).

The blissful features includes sessions of ashtanga and hatha yoga, meditation, chanting and massage. Other amenities includes gym, cricket nets, swimming pool, heated outdoor Jacuzzi, lush gardens and delightful vegetarian meals, with ingredients grown in the organic vegetable garden.

Getting There: Shreyas Retreat is 33km/1hr from Bengaluru airport, and 35km/1hr from Bengaluru City Junction railway station.