Kerala among TIME Magazine’s top 50 world destinations to explore


Time magazine has chosen Kerala among 50 ‘extraordinary destinations’ across the globe to explore in 2022. Kerala is ranked ninth in the ‘World’s Greatest Places 2022’ list as an ‘eco-tourism hot spot’. “With spectacular beaches and lush backwaters, temples and palaces, it’s known as ‘God’s own country for good reason.”

Tucked in the Southern frontiers of India, between the lush Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala has some of the best travel experiences India has to offer. Nicknamed “God’s Own Country”, the land is blessed with hill stations, backwaters, beaches, tea gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, quaint villages and multi-ethnic towns. The blissful experiences offered by Kerala tours are cherished by families, couples on honeymoon, adventure enthusiasts, solo backpackers, spiritual seekers and everyone seeking a vacation to cherish.

So, what does the land have, that is believed to be a heaven on earth? Here’s why this is one haven that is perfect for holidays in India with friends, family and for honeymoon. The land has an abundance of natural beauty that includes lush hills dotted with waterfalls, tea gardens and spice plantations, azure backwaters, scenic shores and verdant jungles. Besides, there is the mouth-watering cuisine, adventure sports, relaxing Ayurveda breaks and spiritual quests that make Kerala tour packages worthwhile.

Exploring God’s Own Country Kerala


Kerala finds mentioned among the “50 must-see destinations of the world” by National Geographic traveller. Fondly known as God’s Own Country for its amazing natural beauty, Conde Nast Traveller names it one of the world’s “top tourist destinations”. The prized highlight of South India tours, Kerala creates experiences of a lifetime.

Though one of the smallest of India’s states as far as size is concerned, the charms are in abundance. Our Kerala Tour Packages encompass all the highlights of the paradise on Earth, from the port city of Cochin to the tea gardens of Munnar, the backwaters of Kumarakom, to the wildlife reserves of Periyar. From the delicious cuisines to the rejuvenating Ayurveda massages and treatments, stay at the houseboats to luxury resorts, we make sure that you have an unforgettable experience!

Here are all the places that you can explore on your holiday in Kerala:


Chinese Fishing nets in Cochin

Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin has one of the world’s most attractive natural ports. It is well known for its centuries-old trading of spices, silks, ivory and sandalwood. It has a traditionally rich heritage, but at the same time, it is one of the most fast-paced and contemporary cities in India. It is very easy to be spellbound by the magic of Cochin and it is the beauty and comparatively good infrastructure that makes it the ideal gateway to the state. The city offers visitors a peek into palaces, museums, old churches, cool backwaters; palm-fringed lagoons, beaches and the practicality of a modern metro city.


Houseboat in Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a small village on the Vembanad Lake in Kerala. This beautiful paradise stocked with mangrove forests, green paddy fields and coconut groves comprises waterways and canals adorned with white lilies. Kumarakom charms tourists from all over the world. It offers a wide variety of flora, beautiful sightseeing, boating and fishing experiences. It is a part of Kuttanad region and the bird sanctuary spread over 14 acres is a safe home for many migratory birds. It is a fascinating sight for the visitors. The best way to watch the birds of the Kumarakom sanctuary is a boat ride around the islands, as hundreds of swaying verdant coconut palms lining the rivers lean to brush the tops of your heads.


Ayurveda massage in Alleppey

India’s Own Venice, Alleppey is a town nestled in the heart of the scenic backwaters. You can explore the town on a houseboat ride on the backwaters. Alleppey beach is also a pretty scenic stop. Ayurveda massages are a must in the humid bliss, a sit works like magic here. You can visit any certified Ayurveda massage centre or we can happily guide you to one.


Elephants in Periyar National Park

Periyar is one of the most popular National Parks in Southern India, but these days this is more famous for its serene feel, than for sightings of wildlife. The uniqueness of the sanctuary extends around the banks of a huge artificial lake that was created by the damming of the Periyar River a century ago. The sanctuary is known for the Tigers. It has a wide range of animals, including elephants, bison, macaque leopards, jungle cats, wild dogs, mouse deer, gaur, sambar deer, barking deer. The sanctuary treasures a wide variety of rich flora and rare fauna.


Tea Gardens in Munnar

Named among the most beautiful places in Kerala and India, the hill town of Munnar is worth visiting. Nestled in the lush lap of the Western Ghats, the hill town is surrounded by rolling hills covered by tea estates. The town was settled in the era of the British Raj and there are many remnants of the period in the mansions, churches and the charming city.


Close to the wildlife haven of Periyar, Thekkady is a scenic town known for its spices. It is a quick outing where you can walk among the fragrant spices, learn about them and shop for some. The rolling hills are a beauty that deserves your time and attention.



Kovalam is Kerala’s popular tourist destination and a famous beach. In 1960 the Kovalam beach was discovered by the western hippies. It was the hippies who changed the small fishing village into the Kovalam beach. Since then it has become one of the most popular beach destinations. Presently Kovalam has acquired all the accessories of a beach resort, such as the seaside eateries serving a fusion of Indian and Continental food, fast-food vendors and pubs, etc.

These and many more delights await in Kerala! Ready to explore the 'Heaven on Earth'?

Ayurveda in Kerala: Finding Bliss and Wellness in God's Own Country


India is blessed with experiences of a lifetime and its blessings are passed on to the travelers. Ayurveda in Kerala is one such blissful experience that draws visitors from far ends of the world. Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, and the experience a Panchakarma detox is one of the most popular treatments sought by travelers visiting India. In fact, Ayurveda treatments are the most important part of Kerala Tour Packages.

The best time for Ayurveda is anytime you plan an India tour packages. You can include an Ayurveda treatment in your itinerary and be blessed with the holistic science of health and wellness. Traditionally the best time to indulge in Ayurveda sessions are the monsoon season in Kerala, the months from end of June to September. Even the winter is a blissful time as the temperatures are moderate and the weather pleasant.

Ayurveda means the ‘Science (or wisdom) of Life’ in Sanskrit. The 5000-year old science of health and wellness has its roots in Indian Vedic culture along with Yoga. Ayurveda is based on the five elements of Earth, Ether, Air, Fire and Water, and uses these elements as the basis of the three Constitutions or “Doshas” that include Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which form the life energy behind all of our bodily functions. Panchakarma is the five-step process of purifying and cleansing the body, mind and soul using traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Ayurveda treatment in India

When it’s about Ayurvedic Panchakarma (detoxification program), our suggestion is two-week (14 day) stay in Kerala in the Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, near Kovalam. The Ayurveda retreat is nestled on the beautiful beach getway of Kerala, Kovalam. The resort allows detoxing, relaxing, and feeling the harmony of body, mind and soul. Along with a wide range of treatments, there is yoga, Ayurvedic food, meditation and other wellness programs that complement your holiday in Kerala.

The Panchakarma Treatment: The complete detox programe

The treatment starts with an initial consultation with a warm and friendly doctor. Over the next 14 days, the Panchakarma treatments will pamper your senses.

Treatments/ Therapies included for the 14 Days’ Ayurveda Panchkarma treatment includes:

Day-01  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Nasyam, Snehapanam, Kizhy

Day-02  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Nasyam, Snehapanam, Kizhy

Day-03  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Nasyam, Snehapanam, Sirodhara

Day-04  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Nasyam, Snehapanam, Sirodhara

Day-05  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Elakizhy

Day-06  General Therapy, Elakizhy

Day-07  General Therapy, Elakizhy, Purgation

Day-08  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Mukhalepam, Lepanam

Day-09  General Therapy, Dasamoola Ksheeradhara, Tarpanam

Day-10  General Therapy, Dasamoola Ksheeradhara, Karna Pooranam

Day-11  General Therapy, Elakizhy

Day-12  General Therapy, Elakizhy, Purgation

Day-13  Sarvangam Uzhichil, Mukhalepam, Lepanam

Day-14  General Therapy, Dasamoola Ksheeradhara, Tarpanam

Shirodhara is one of the most relaxing Ayurveda treatments, where oil is slowly poured over the head while there are massages with herbal packs, oils and other techniques that purge the body from all toxins.

A stay in the Ayurveda resort in Kerala follows a rigid schedule. You have to begin the day waking up at 4.30am for 5am Pooja (prayer ceremonies) each day, 6am Yoga, followed by meals, treatment & consultation with the Doctor during the day, then more yoga and evening pooja before bed time. The Ayurvedic Diet at Somat-0heeram Ayurveda Resort is simple and comprises pure vegetarian food. The diet is largely free of wheat, gluten, caffeine, sugar and dairy (except for ghee and cows’ milk which are important to the Ayurvedic doctrine). Your diet can also be customized according to your body needs and requirements.

After a Panchakarma experience or even during the five-step detox Ayurveda treatment, you will certainly felt different. Aches and pains in muscles will disappear through application of herbal pastes, digestion will be much improved and the detox has made you feel lighter and freer than ever before. You will return home blessed by God’s Own Country.

Now if you are planning to find the best Ayurvedic massage in Kerala, you can choose one of any of the best Ayurveda resorts in India on an India tour. Some of the popular Ayurveda resorts to indulge in an authentic experience of Ayurvedic healing and wellness getaways are:

  • Ananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
  • Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Pallakad, Kerala
  • Kalari Kovilakom, Pallakad ,KeralaSwaSwara, Gokarna (near Goa)
  • Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom, Kerala
  • Spice Village Resort , Thekkady, Kerala
  • Marari Beach Resort, Mararikulam, Kerala

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