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Plan Post Pandemic Travel with World Travel Trade Council’s “Safe Travels” Stamp


Trans India Holidays is delighted to share receiving of World Travel Trade Council’s “Safe Travels” Stamp – this allows travelers to recognize travel companies that have adopted standardized  Global Health and Hygiene Protocols.

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This is the stamp for the ‘New Normal’ and we, as one of the trusted destination management companies in India, have adopted the globally standardized protocols of health and hygiene. This stamp and safety protocols will help the tourism industry to thrive again and to the tourists who wish to travel without worrying about their safety.

Now, tourists can travel with us safely during and post-pandemic times. We have tie-ups with hotels and restaurants that are following the protocols of WTTC for #SafeTravels. This ensures safety during traveling. The protocols align the travel companies and hospitality sector behind common standards to corroborate the protection of its workforce and travelers as the sector shifts to a new normal.

On signing of #WTTC Travel Stamp Protocol and Rules and Regulations, we are associated with the Safe Travels protocols. We have outlines and responsibilities, which we will follow meticulously for the benefit of the travelers. As a responsible destination management company, we are aiming towards providing a safe travel experience to everyone. We are working towards a future of travel that is safe, secure, seamless, and provides an authentic and meaningful experience to the travelers across the journey.

The protocols we have taken into account are the current WHO and CDC guidelines. They are living documents that we will update as new information becomes available about COVID-19. We are contributing to sustainable economic growth and supports the livelihoods of millions.

We now specialize in crafting arranging meaningful travel experiences, specialists with first-hand knowledge of their destinations, and the freedom to change your plans if needed thanks to our flexibility promise, your travel plans are in safe hands.

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