Foodie Holidays in India

Blog Image Aug 08, 2019

Thanks to almost all major travel and lifestyle channels doing a lot of food and cooking based shows, and Indian cuisine getting its rightful place as among the world's favorite cuisines, Culinary Tourism to India is on the increase. At Trans India Holidays we've been planning, organizing, booking and handling culinary holidays for gourmets from across the world. from booking tables at renowned restaurants like the Bukhara in New Delhi to Indigo in Mumbai, we've actually come a long way as far as culinary tourism is concerned.

We've now been involved with booking cooking classes and cooking demonstrations almost across the country... .Cooking classes with Jyoti of Gourmet Desire in Delhi, which is focused on North Indian cuisine, cooking classes with Shashi in Udaipur, focused on Rajasthani food, with Nimmy and Paul in Cochin, focused on South Indian Coastal cuisine. Some of these only involve the actual cooking, others even involve visits to the local market to pick up the produce and the ingredients. Cooking classes and demos are also available in several other cities.

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