Beyond the Forts, Palaces and Legends of Rajasthan - The Best Experiences!

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Rajasthan is India’s quintessential chapter of history, architecture and culture. Home to beautiful architecture shaped in the royal places & majestic forts, vibrant culture, the Thar Desert and more, Rajasthan has been favoured by travellers in India. The “Land of Rajputana” as it was home to warrior clans of Rajputs was the first state to fully embrace tourism in India. This is reflected in the sophistication of the state’s infra-structure for tourists. Rajasthan tour packages have a way to keep you hooked, but beyond the forts, palaces and legends lie the real heart of Rajputana.

Take a look at checklist of the pleasures of Rajasthan to explore.

Stay in Heritage Hotels

Experience first-hand Rajasthan's rich history, architecture and hospitality with stay at the heritage hotels.  With careful addition of modern amenities and signature experiences, the heritage properties certainly make some of the fondest memories. From Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, to other offbeat locales there are aplenty options.

Attention to detail, personalized services, speciality dishes, spa services, sightseeing excursions and more make your stay unforgettable.

Wildlife safari in Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park formerly was the hunting grounds of the royal family of Jaipur and now is among the best national parks in India. Home to Royal Bengal Tigers and many other species of the animal kingdom, the town introduces to thrilling wildlife tour in India.

Well-known for the resident Royal Bengal Tigers, the national park is also home to incredible bio-diversity including crocodiles, migratory birds and more. Jeep safaris acquaint with the wild animals, while wildlife resorts reminisce the days when Ranthambore served as hunting grounds of the royal family of Jaipur. The majestic Ranthambore Fort is also a major crowd puller besides the wildlife.

Cooking lessons

A journey to India can never be complete without a culinary experience. This is an opportunity to learn about the secret recipes and the culture of Rajasthan. Attend cooking sessions, where you learn about spices and participate in the preparation of the meal and then sit down to lunch or dinner with your hosts, learning about Indian lifestyle, as well as cuisines.

Bird watching in Bharatpur

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary also known by the name Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a bird watchers haven. Spread over an area of 29 sq. km., it is home to over 366 species of birds including migratory species, 379 species of plants, and around 30 mammals. The marshes and pools are home to the Sarus Cranes in winter and innumerable other birds. The best thing about experiencing the bliss of the wilderness of Bharatpur is with cycle rickshaw rides accompanied by guides that acquaint visitors with the avians at close quarters.

Horse riding

There is something magical about exploring countryside on horseback. Horse riding in Rajasthan is a thrilling activity as not you can explore the scenic rugged landscape but also feel aristocratic as these Marwari horses were specially trained for warfare.

On your horse ride, cross some farmlands, small villages, dried up riverbeds, hills and valleys of the Aravallis. Soak in the natural beauty, spot countless birds and enjoy the peaceful and quite surroundings. There are many interesting trails in Rajasthan, Jodhpur has some of the most amazing ones.

Spot Leopards

Leopards are rare elusive creatures. These fast cats are a marvellous breed. The thrill of sighting the leopards in their natural habitats is proving a conservation and tourism success in Rajasthan. The stretch of the Aravalli range is home to large numbers of the cats, ideally suited to the rocky landscapes. Specialist safaris are now available, especially in the Jawai Bandh area and Narlai.

Romantic boat rides

Rajasthan is romantic and especially while enjoying a boat ride in Udaipur’s many scenic lakes. Opt for a boat ride at sunset and feel yourself in love. The beauty of the lakes is matchless. The backdrop of the lush Aravali hills lend to the inherent charm of the city of lakes. Cerulean blue as far as you can see, the changing colours of the sky reflecting in the water and the serenity of the setting counts for some of the most cherished experiences.

Camp in the desert dunes

When you are at the desert state, it is completely unacceptable to not visit. The Desert dunes of the Thar are a prized highlight of Rajasthan. Indulge in moments of romanticism in the golden landscape. For the quintessential desert experience head to Jaisalmer. Camel safari, dune bashing and camping amid the dunes is truly amazing. Go try the gypsy life. Camels “the ship of the desert” are sure-footed taking you on a ride through the timeless desert at sunset. Back in the campsite, traditional folk performances mesmerize with melodies and beats of dance.

Camel-lovers can also visit the famous Pushkar Camel Fair which is touristy fun. Osian Sand Dunes and Manvar near Jodhpur too offer a charming desert experience as does Bikaner which hosts its very own Camel Festival celebrating the desert.

Heritage walks

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is the prime example of the glory of the days of Rajputana. Jaipur Walled City is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. A heritage walk is more than sightseeing, it is an authentic experience of the culture of the city. Cover famous photographed landmarks as you walk through the town, mingle with the locals whilst sampling some of the region's culinary delights. The heritage walk also includes the skills and work of local artisans in their workshops, Jewellers and Silversmiths, Gold painters and Bangle making experts.

Similar to Jaipur, heritage walks in Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer introduce the city in a more personal way.

Awe at Puppetry & Folk performances

Puppetry is an ancient art form in Rajasthan. Known as Kathputli Dance, the puppet shows narrate the local tales. Rajasthani culture is a treasure of age-old traditions, attractive dance forms, and soul-soothing folk music. The music is melodious and peppy. Ghoomar and Kalbeliya are two popular folk dances that trace its origin here.

Discover the Painted havelis of Shekhawati

The Shekhawati region of Rajasthan is known for the splendid examples of its haveli architecture, historic traditional homes with large interior courtyards and decorative frescoes. Although many other towns and cities have Havelis, Shekhawati, and Mandawa in particular, have the greatest proportion of these buildings in the best condition. Murals depict local life and show the historic wealth of the region and there are also a number of grand temples and monumental step wells to visit too.

Explore Rajasthan aboard a luxury train

Luxury trains in India were first introduced in Rajasthan. These lavish rides make the experience of royal Rajasthan simply out of the world. The best known of Rajasthan’s luxury trains are the Palace on Wheels and the Maharajas Express. Both trains offer week-long journeys from Delhi covering Agra and further the royal cities, wildlife reserves and religious sites including Jaipur, Ranthambore National Park, Udaipur, Jodhpur, etc.

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