The Best of Winter Experiences in India

Blog Image Nov 17, 2021

With November, winters knocks the door in most places in India. The northern frontiers are blessed with pure snowy breeze of the Himalayas while the southern places are blissful with the sun shining down is warmth. The plains and the forests are covered in a blanketed of fog that sets in the early evening and stays most of the daytime. The weather is just right to plan to go exploring India. Sightseeing becomes special with the temperatures just right.

Stay in the Lake Palace of Udaipur

Lake Palace Udaipur

Houseboat cruise on Kerala’s backwaters

Bird spotting in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Birds in Bharatpur National Park

Chasing the Tiger Trail in the Tiger Reserves

Stay in the mountains enjoy view of snow-capped mountains

Bask in the sun at the beach resort

Goa beach resort

Heal your souls with Yoga and Ayurveda

Camping under the stars in a desert

Camping in the Thar desert

Ride the Mountain Railways

Go on a food trail

Attend Dance and Music Festivals

Khajuraho Dance Festival

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