Exploring Ladakh, India's own 'Shangri La'

Blog Image May 28, 2022

India is a life-changing experience for travellers of which Ladakh is truly unmissable. Think of an India tour itinerary and Ladakh certainly deserves a mention. Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Ladakh is one of the remotest places on Earth and a treasure to explore. Settled at an altitude of 3542 meters above sea level it is one of the highest inhabited places on the planet. Boasting of the immense scenic beauty of mountains, lakes, rivers and a cold desert it is a wonder to visit. Adding to it are the amazing allures including palaces, and monasteries. And, lastly, an adventure of a lifetime is a guarantee. A surprising fact about Ladakh is that a trip can be planned in the official off-travel season. The land opens up for visitors from late May to October. As it is monsoon in the rest of India, if you want to skip rains, you must pay a visit.

If you are still not sure to plan a trip to Ladakh on your visit to India, here are a few reasons.

Scenic Beauty

Scenic beauty of Leh

Ladakh’s location is out of the world and therefor is its beauty. The Land of High Passes is settled in the snowy heights of Himalayan ranges and is surrounded by mountain ranges of Karakoram. Even for a land withoutt rain, it is simply one among the most blessed natural places in India and the world. The rugged  mounatins are shades ofbrown with specks of green and layers of snow. The rivers iand the lakes are crystal clear displaying myraid shades of blues. The deesrt dunes of Nubra Valley are magical with their unbeivale golden hues, home to the unique double-humped Bactrian Camels.


Ladakh has a unique Tibetan Buddhist culture with impacts from traditional beauties. Over the years, this culture has become an important backbone for tourism. The land’s traditional culture and lifestyle make the cuisine, dressing, dance forms and others. The festivals of the land gain more attention thanks to the exclusive culture of the land. This is one of the few places where you can find dancing monks enjoying festivals just like you.

Taking a pilgrimage tour is a double beauty. You get to wander around ancient monasteries, explore the culture and enjoy the unique architectural beauties. Apart from these, the nature plays an important role in adding peace and tranquility to these religious places. Every year, thousands of people visit Ladakh for pilgrimage activities. Top iconic religious sites to visit in Ladakh are Likir monastery, Thiksey monastery, Sumda Chun, Shanti Stupa, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and others.


Adventure in Ladakh

Statistically, this is the main reason that drives more than three fourth of the travel population to Ladakh. The geographical wealth and the Himalayan nature gives access to different landscapes, which allow you to enjoy unique adventure activities like mountain biking, trekking, jeep safari, river rafting, camel safari, yak safari, ice hockey and many others. No wonder, Ladakh is called as the adventure capital of the country.

It is the place for adventure activities. Top three motorable mountain passes of the world are located in Ladakh. It is the only destination in India apart from Rajasthan, where you can enjoy camel safari. It is one of the very few places to experience yak safari too. The most common safari to enjoy in the region is the jeep safari. The Himalayan regions make the safari more exciting. Many sure to choose the right season so that you can enjoy all types of safaris here.You can find a lot of trekking trails for hiking and trekking along with frozen rivers. Name an adventure activity; and, you would find it there. Top peaks for hiking are Nun-Kun, Stok Kangri, Jang Yatse and others. You can also enjoy a trekking excursion to the base of Mount Everest; if you are up for the challenge. Apart from these, there are a lot of monasteries to explore and enjoy their rituals, explore their libraries, antiques and others.

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