How To Get There


By Air

Delhi International Airport, known as Indira Gandhi International Airport has connectivity from UK, most cities of USA, Europe, South East Asian countries and major cities from around the world. Almost all major International airlines operate direct flights to and fro Delhi or have connections to the Indian capital city. Additionally, a number of major domestic airlines have the Delhi airport as their hub, connecting it with the length and breadth of India.


By Rail

Delhi has easy railway connectivity to almost all major cities of India. Super-fast trains, express-trains, Rajdhani express and even luxury trains of India are available from Delhi to almost all of the major cities of the country.


By Road

Delhi has a wide network of roads that connect the cities from all parts of the country. The capital city serves as the gateway to all other tourist destinations in North India, including Agra (220 km), Jaipur (250 km), Chandigarh (265 km), etc.