The Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park

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The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Panchmahal district of the Indian state of Gujarat. Centered around the city of Champaner or Muhammadabad built by Sultan Mahmud Begada of Gujarat. This place is the only complete unchanged  Islamic pre-Mughal city. Also deemed to be of mythological significance, a larger part of Champaner-Pavagarh is still unexcavated. It includes 11 different types of heritage monuments that are- Mosques, Temples, Tombs, Gateways, Fortresses and walls, Palaces and Pavilion, Helical Wells, Custom house and Greneries all belonging to 16th century. One can observe a transition from the previous Hindu forms of architecture to the Muslim culture and forms of architecture.  The park also houses some of the ancient Chalcolithic Indian Sites, from the Stone Age era.

How to reach:

Nearest airport: Vadodara Airport is 42 km away while Ahmedabad International Airport is located at a distance of 125 kilometres.

Nearest railway station: Champaner Railway Station has fewer options while Vadodara Railway Station, 49 km away has frequent trains connected with cities all over India.