Ajanta Caves

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Dating back around the 2nd- 6th century CE, Ajanta Caves comprise of the finest masterpieces of 31 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments, paintings, and sculpture. The caves very built in two different phases, first under the patronage of Satvahana Dynasty (230BCE-220CE) and the other during the reign of Emperor Harishena of Vakataka Dynasty.

The style of art and architecture has had a revolutionary impact on the way in which Indian art and architecture have progressed all throughout history. Having mainly carvings and sculptures related to the life of Buddha, one can say that this marks the beginning of Indian Classical Art.

How to reach

Ajanta Caves are carved in the basalt rock of the Deccan Plateau. Aurangabad is the nearest city to the heritage site with air, rail and road connectivity.

Nearest airport: Aurangabad Airport is the closest air connection, 110 km away.

Nearest railway station: Aurangabad Railway Station and Jalgaon Junction are closest train connections.