Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

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The Buddhist Monuments located at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh are a manifestation of Heritage of India and they are the oldest stone structures in India. Originally commissioned by emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE, the Sanchi Stupa is located 46-kilometer north-east of Bhopal. Its core was a hemispherical brick structure built over the relics of Buddha and was crowned by the Chatra which symbolizes rank. The stupa was vandalized during the 2nd century BCE and renovated during the Satavahana Period when the gateways and the balustrade were built and colored. Apart from the Sanchi stupa, several other structures exist here, such as monolithic pillars, temples, palaces, and monasteries. It remained a major pilgrimage site for the Buddhists till about 12th century AD, after which the religion declined in popularity.

How to reach

Sanchi is located in Central India in Madhya Pradesh close to the capital city, Bhopal,

Nearest Airport: Bhopal's Raja Bhoj' Airport is at a distance of 46 km.

Nearest Railway Station: Bhopal Railway Station is approximately 46 km away.