Jaipur City

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India’s Pink City, Jaipur is a recent entry on the UNESCO World Heritage sites list. The 18th-century walled city is one of the most glamorous testaments of the era of Rajputs and the unique elegance of Rajasthan. Jaipur was conceptualized after studying the urban planning of several European cities. For the first time in Indian history, a blueprint was made, which brought to life India’s first aesthetic well-planned city. However, it was the vision of the Maharaja Jai Singh II and his business acumen and scientific temperament. Giving fruition to his vision was the architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. The city was designed on the concepts of Shilpa Shashtra and Vastu Shashtra to ensure a lot of natural sunshine and breeze in residential and commercial establishments.

Spectacular arched pols (gates), located at seven entry points lead to a well-laid city in a geometric grid of streets cutting each other at right angles. The layout is such that every corner of the city gets adequate air and light. The water conservation and management system, drainage system, and the organization of town space as different functional units were well thought of.

How to reach

The Pink City of Jaipur is the capital of the royal state of Rajasthan.

Nearest airport; The Jaipur International Airport has frequent flight connectivity.

Nearest railway station: Jaipur is connected by superfast trains, luxury trains, and other options.