The Ellora Caves

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The Ellora Caves are an important World Heritage site in India and an archaeological site, ranging 29 kilometers north-west of the city of Aurangabad. The Ellora Caves are well known for their Indian-rock cut architecture. There are about 34 rock-cut temples and caves which can be dated to about 600 to 1000 AD, which are important in terms of understanding the lives of the people living in these times. The presence of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples and sculptures portray the tolerance which was extended towards different faiths and beliefs in Ancient Indian History. The excavated site consists of Charanandri Hills, Buddhist Hindu and Jain rock-cut temples, Viharas and Maths of the 5th and 10th centuries.

How to reach

Ellora Caves is located in Maharashtra close to Aurangabad while well-connected to the state capital Mumbai.

Nearest airport: Aurangabad Aiport is at a distance of 30 km,

Nearest railway station: Aurangabad Railway Station is approximately 30 km away.